Following the silky R&B vibes of ‘Platoon‘ London duo Jungle release a beautiful new single titled ‘The Heat’. A delicious burst of tropical beats spurred on by flickering snares and soft, breezy percussion. Synths smother the sleek, airy vocals that snuggle perfectly inside a cocoon of jazz-funk goodness. Chess Club Records are bringing The Heat EP to you October 21 and as the boys so rightly say “don’t let it catch ya”.

Following on from their surprise single release last week, The Internet have released a teaser for their forthcoming sophomore album Feel Good due out at the end of this month. Take a look at the short clip up top.

It feels like an age ago that Brittany Bosco was serenading the blogosphere with her ambrosial brand of soultronica. She’s since reworked her output and now goes by her band name BOSCO – an outfit that feels less soul inspired and more chill-wavey. Take a listen to ‘Black Book’, their most recent showcasing – a slow-churning ballad of floating synths and airy vocals. Download available for free below.

Our enduring appreciation for Southampton born singer/producer Gang Colours is no secret ’round these sides. His debut album is still one of the more compelling releases from the past year. Now as Will Ozanne readies the release of his sophomore album Invisible in Your City on September 16th and following the projects first single and a cheeky cover of Craig David’s ‘Fill Me In’, he’s now released a second single. ‘Led By Example’ is another emotionally charged ballad filled with softly projected, deep reaching, dream-like instrumentation and Ozanne’s etherial vocal. Beautiful stuff as per usual.

Oh shit, The Internet are back. Following their incredible (but grossly slept on) debut album Purple Naked Ladies, the Odd Future affiliated group made up of producer Matt Martians and singer Syd tha Kid return with another indelible slice of electronic soul. Produced gloriously with thick bass licks, guitar riffs, lush chords and crashing percussion ‘Partners in Crime Two’ displays an obvious musically progression for the group. Syd’s voice has grown stronger too. This is very nice, very nice indeed.

‘Partners in Crime Two’ is the sequel to a track featured on The Internet’s Bonus Songs EP which they released back in February 2012.

It’s time. It’s time for the world to hear how Janelle Monae follows up her debut opus The ArchAndroid. The cascading multi-suite epic remains one of the most impressive debuts in recent history, but how would Monae continue to build her creative legacy? Well, teaming up with Erykah Badu, Miguel and his Purple Holiness is probably a good place to start. Adding Solange and Esperanza Spalding into the mix can’t hurt much either. The anticipation is now over as Monae has served up a full album stream of The Electric Lady, a 19-track body of work drenched in her unique brand of future funk and electronic soul. Waste no time, get into this.

Sidenote: Janelle and Prince = Mindfucked.

Love is most definitely in the air on Janelle Monae and Miguel’s steamy duet, ‘PrimeTime’ which is taken from Monae’s forthcoming sophomore album The Electric Lady. The two love-birds croon over each other handing out lustful sweet nothings over a smooth, mellow and transcendent sound.  With a September 10 release, The Electric Lady also features Prince, Solange, Erykah Badu (on ‘Q.U.E.E.N.‘) and Esperenza Spalding. In the meantime, check out the beautiful ballad up top!

If you didn’t quite catch Stubborn Heart’s track ‘Penetrate’ when it came out in November, the release of their music video offers an excellent opportunity to discover a pretty special song. London duo Luca Santucci and Ben Fitzgerald’s brand of scattered electronic soul is perfectly complimented by director Emile Rafael’s gritty yet beautiful visuals which depict various forms of urban decay.

With his unique brand of experimental soul multi-instrumentalist and singer Kwes. has been putting the work in for a while now. Last years fantastic Meantime EP was certainly a standout release. Now readying the release of his debut album ilp on October 15th via Warp Records, he’s served up this mellow, piano-led track titled ’36′ as the LP’s second single. Take a listen, it’s a bit beautiful…

The sky has officially turned purple or hell has frozen over because Prince has officially joined twitter. Earlier today the internet’s most famous hater (and also, ironically, one of it’s biggest innovators – see NPGOnlineLtd) sent his first, second and third tweet today (along with a bunch of retweets) which included the image above (hehe), some food porn and a selfie, obvs. Still in shock. Anyways – one of his tweets also included a link to ‘Groovy Potential’, a sweet new track that enlists the kind of bedroom soul-funk we always love Prince to deliver.

Buy the full version over at

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