JUNGLE, the ever mysterious outfit from London have announced the release of their debut, self-titled LP which is out sooner than you think. The 12-track long player will feature previously heard singles ‘The Heat‘, ‘Platoon‘, ‘Lucky I Got What I Want‘, ‘Drops‘ and ‘Busy Earnin‘ alongside fresh, new material. Watch the uber cool album trailer up top and preorder the album here; peep the tracklisting below,  and cop the album come July 14.

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Devileyes is the new mixtape from London duo We Are Shining. The tape features 8 brand new song including ‘Devileye’, which we featured on 22Tracks, ‘Hey You!’ and ‘Wheel’ featuring Roses Gabor. Steeped in sound clash experimentalism, each song is a sprawling insight into the minds of both Acyde (yes sir!) and Morgan, known collectively as We Are Shining. Through an in-depth understanding of broken groove, kaleidoscopic beats and colourful textures – everything here sounds remarkably on-point.

Download Devileyes here.

The latest to join XL Recordings, are London outfit JUNGLE. who absolutely tore 2013 apart with their infectiously jazzy  concoctions of R&B and soultronica. Their mystery around these guys is slowly fading (they initially fooled us into thinking they were a duo) as their latest track, ‘Busy Earnin’ is given the full visual treatment. The video sees a dance troop busting some moves in perfect synch to the snazzy vibes of the track. Look out for an album on the way, for now, tuck into this.


New London trio Juce have well and truly exploded onto the scene with their soul tinged, pop-fused new single ‘Call You Out’. Displaying genuine style, their harmonies and lush production are warm, sunny and naturally feel good. Something tells me this isn’t the last you’ll be hearing from these young ladies. Shout out Chalin. 


Back in September last year newcomer RÁJ dropped his finely crafted debut single ‘Ghost’, a release which sparkled with superb guitar riffs and muted arrangements. Last week the esoteric singer revealed his latest offering ‘Let Me Love You’, an equally entrancing love song that feels heartbreakingly  claustrophobic.

The other day I was randomly musing on twitter as to whether or not we’ll ever actually get a new D’Angelo album, because we were kind of promised it last year but unsurprisingly nothing materialised. And even after a critically acclaimed live comeback in 2012 and a string of festival appearances last year – we’ve still not heard anything concrete about when this album will actually be released.

And while that particular question remains very much unanswered, there is now a little more promise of something happening. In these short videos, uploaded by Russell ‘The Dragon’ Elevado, D’Angelo can be seen jamming in the studio with man-God and collaborator Pino Palladino. And although I didn’t necessarily need evidence that D was working on the album (we already heard a slew of new jams during his live shows), its still amazing to see it happening… I mean it’s fucking D’Angelo!

via okayplayer

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Kwabs continues his magnificent run by following up the SOHN produced ‘Wrong Or Right‘ with an arresting new visual. Conveying the track’s groove, the video aims to illustrate the passion of a group of street dancers. Whilst shots of the crooner are brief, viewers are treated to some pretty impressive choreography, take a look up top.

We featured Jeftuz’ rather banging remix of Justin Bieber’s ‘All That Matters’, now the Dutch producer has released his latest single off his forthcoming EP The Dutch. Featuring a scrumptious Mary J style sample, ‘My Love’ sounds like the type of sexy groove that can only come out of a place like the Netherlands. That continental swag, if you will. Point being this is a tune that you should quickly tuck into.

Jeftuz recently compiled a special playlist with our friends 22Tracks, take a listen to that here. His new EP is out today.

We’ve been championing Kwabs for a few years now but it finally feels like 2014 might be the year everyone else rightfully catches on. The track he released with SOHN last year called ‘Last Stand’ melted hearts on first listen and excitingly singer and producer have come together once again for another polar vortex thawing collaboration.

Directed by SOHN’s masterful imagination, ‘Wrong or Right’ carries an undeniable soul-groove, nicely digitised for contemporary satisfaction and gracefully touches upon a multitude of intriguing and contrasting influences. But as has been the case time and time again it’s the resounding, all encompassing powerhouse vocal that Kwabs emits that solidifies the unyielding beauty of this and every other song he sings on. Swoon.

Kwabs will release his debut EP Wrong or Right on February 3rd via Atlantic Records.

If you haven’t been mesmerised by Ofei’s enigmatic and soulful musings over the past year, then it’s probably time you did. The elusive Londoner is giving away his four-piece London EP free in exchange for your email addy. Opening number and title track ‘London’ endows you in a soulful concoction of spiritual vocoder-assisted vocals and crashing electric-R&B, whilst ‘Poem’ hooks into heartstrings and strums beautifully. You can also pre-order the EP, repackaged with a bonus track ‘Risk’ via One Little Indian ahead of its February 10th release. For now though immerse yourself below…

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