The sunshine pouring over London today is perfectly suited to match the summery appeal of Throwing Shade’s new track ‘Sweet Tooth’ featuring Emily Bee. The songs blue-sky approach uses church-organ synths to build itself into a twinkling pop production. Take a listen…


Have we not been telling you about MNEK? See now, this is why…

Our boy, whose refixes have been tearing things down over the past two years, has at long last unearthed his official debut single titled ‘Every Little Word’. Having witnessed this guys star steadily rise it is to no surprise (to us) that ‘Every Little Word’ is the complete and utter smash that it is. Funnelling his influences to a near science and refining his own bewildering talents to a tee, ‘Every Little Word’ demonstrates the perfect pop-formula – serving Janet Jackson, Bobby Brown and MNEK realness.

Who hasn’t been obsessed with Warpaint’s debut album? We’ve been enamoured with them since way (way) back when. Take a look at the girls’ new 8-minute double video for their singles ‘Disco//Very’ and ‘Keep It Healthy’ – both of which serve as awesome singles and subsequent videos. Love.


We expressed our opinion on the release of Michael Jackson’s posthumous new album Xscape when news of a D’Angelo produced contribution was announced, so its only fair we follow up with new developments…

The albums title track has hit the web and unlike most of the crap Sony has churned out since MJ’s passing – this is actually pretty passable as a legit posthumous release. My feelings on releasing unfinished music remains the same, but as far as ‘Xscape’ goes as a single – it sounds like it could have very easily been a part of Invincible – Jackson’s last solo record. Depending on what side of the fence you sit on with that album – you’ll either love this or hate it. I personally love hearing Michael’s voice like this – powerful, defined and pissed off – but like near enough most of the up-tempos on Invincible, the production feels far too forced and mechanical – a problem I’ve had with Darkchild’s production for years now. That aside though, this is a surprisingly promising start.


Sony announced this week plans to release another posthumous Michael Jackson album titled Xscape which will hit shelves on May 13th. The news was accompanied by the albums, quite frankly ridiculous, artwork and was met (by me) with large scepticism. And even despite the latest news that our hero D’Angelo will have a production credit on a track featuring Questlove & Mary J. Blige – my scepticism is still vigilant.

Of course the very notion that D’Angelo has even glanced at a song graced by Michael Jackson is enough to make our heads (and presumably, the universe) explode but the truth is, these are songs Jackson never intended to see the light of day. These are incomplete songs void of MJ’s true completed vision – I can’t imagine any true artist (past or present) feeling satisfied at the idea of their music being released without their approval; hence why Stevie Wonder, Prince and Madlib all intend on having their masters destroyed after they die – to protect the integrity of their legacy… Not to mention everything that Sony has touched since MJ’s passing has been utterly shambolic.

So yes, a pretty significant, albeit selfish, victory for us fans but we’ll wait until we hear the full thing before we embrace an illegitimate Michael Jackson album.

Here at PB we’re constantly looking out for progressive artists who want to push boundaries; those who stick their heads out and try something a little different. Someone who is beginning to fill that criteria is Coleman Hell, a Toronto based singer who shakes things up on ‘Venezuela’. Whilst maintaining a straight pop aesthetic, the track challenges itself with a distinct vocal approach and skittering electronics which merge to create a rather surreal soundscape. This is kind of left.


Brighton duo IYES first set the blogosphere alight with ‘Til Infinity‘, a slick electro-pop number which sizzled nicely. Today the two get all sexy on us with their airy new single ‘Breathe’. Produced by themselves (with a little help from our boy MNEK), the track plays out as a smooth number with glossy synths and sensuous lyrics. Apparently it’s all about “an image in mind of a naked lady, in a jungle, with a snake wrapped around her” – yeah, cool. That aside – reckon these guys are on to something here, listen up.


We’ve shown a lot of love to BANKS over the past year or more, and while theres absolutely nothing wrong with this cover of ‘Are You That Somebody’ – it’s actually quite good – I just can’t hide my growing frustration with the amount of Aaliyah covers/samples floating around.

… And as an avid supporter of the shelved Aaliyah/Noah ’40′ Shebib project it has absolutely nothing to do with being “too precious” about Babygirl’s discography and everything to do with the general mindset that the only representation of weird, future-90′s R&B began and ended at Aaliyah. Has everyone forgotten Timbaland produced for everyone during this period – why is no one flipping Destiny’s Child ‘Get on the Bus’ or Nicole Wray’s ‘Make It Hot’?

I know, I’ve digressed. I’m sure Banks has a personal connection to ‘Are You That Somebody’ and had reasons for choosing to cover it and as far as covers go, her ‘Live Lounge’ rendition is befittingly well arranged and performed. I’m just not screaming from the rooftops about it – mainly due to the reasons outlined above.

BANKS also did an acoustic version of her single ‘Brain’ – take a listen here.

Meet Delooze, and her incredibly stirring brand of future pop. Her latest single ‘Deathstar’, is given a refreshing makeover by this stellar remix which sees her illustrious vocals take flight over the elaborate electronic soundbed penned by Portugal, The Man, who brings it all together quite nicely.

Delooze is also embarking on a UK Tour in support of her forthcoming LP titled Glass Army out April 14th; check out the dates after the jump.

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Take a look at Blood Orange performing ‘You’re Not Good Enough’ at last months Converse Gig at the legendary 100 Club in London. I was fortunate enough to attend the show and as my first experience of watching Dev perform – I was legit blown away. Its refreshing (and increasingly rare) to see such an incredible songwriter/producer command such a performance on stage. Our guy has some serious moves.

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