Every year it seems Coachella manages to ensemble and even more exciting motley crew of performers to headline their stages. This year they outdid themselves by reuniting one of hip hop’s most beloved group – Outkast – following a near 8-year hiatus. Add to that show stopping performances from Pharrell Williams, Disclosure, Nas, A$AP Ferg, Solange, Warpaint, Lana Del Rey, Banks and heaps of others, not to mention the special guests some of these artists brought out including Gwen Stefani, Busta Rhymes, Jay-Z, Diddy, Snoop Dogg, Juicy J et el.

As the first weekend comes to an end, we’ve compiled some of the best performances from the past two days for you to sit back and enjoy. We’ll keep adding more full performances as they become available. And we’ll do the same with next weekends festivities too. Watch Outkast’s set up top and all the others after the jump.

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Singer Kwabs reunites with producer SOHN for another epic ballad called ‘Something Else’. Boasting a foreboding mix of hammering drums and soundclash of electronics, ‘Something Else’ continues the narrative that Kwabs and SOHN have been building since ‘Wrong or Right’. But of course no amount of production can distract from Kwab’s all-empowering voice which again here takes its rightful place centre stage.



Philly’s DonChristian has released a curious new mixtape called Renzo Piano which meshes his experimental rap style, with a potent mix of sounds that stretch beyond the empirical sounds of hip hop. Boasting expansive drums, echoey snares and murky chords Renzo Piano is based largely on an aesthetic attributed to contemporary R&B. The tape also features a guest verses from our boy LE1F.


Sunday’s are normally about catching a vibe but fuck it, – you need this. Melé teams up with Nu Brand Flexx’s Boya Dee and Peigh on ‘I Like It’, a  new booty anthem built around trap foundations and grime aesthetics. Never mind that hangover you’re nursing, turn this up and piss your neighbours off.


The sunshine pouring over London today is perfectly suited to match the summery appeal of Throwing Shade’s new track ‘Sweet Tooth’ featuring Emily Bee. The songs blue-sky approach uses church-organ synths to build itself into a twinkling pop production. Take a listen…


Have we not been telling you about MNEK? See now, this is why…

Our boy, whose refixes have been tearing things down over the past two years, has at long last unearthed his official debut single titled ‘Every Little Word’. Having witnessed this guys star steadily rise it is to no surprise (to us) that ‘Every Little Word’ is the complete and utter smash that it is. Funnelling his influences to a near science and refining his own bewildering talents to a tee, ‘Every Little Word’ demonstrates the perfect pop-formula – serving Janet Jackson, Bobby Brown and MNEK realness.


We expressed our opinion on the release of Michael Jackson’s posthumous new album Xscape when news of a D’Angelo produced contribution was announced, so its only fair we follow up with new developments…

The albums title track has hit the web and unlike most of the crap Sony has churned out since MJ’s passing – this is actually pretty passable as a legit posthumous release. My feelings on releasing unfinished music remains the same, but as far as ‘Xscape’ goes as a single – it sounds like it could have very easily been a part of Invincible – Jackson’s last solo record. Depending on what side of the fence you sit on with that album – you’ll either love this or hate it. I personally love hearing Michael’s voice like this – powerful, defined and pissed off – but like near enough most of the up-tempos on Invincible, the production feels far too forced and mechanical – a problem I’ve had with Darkchild’s production for years now. That aside though, this is a surprisingly promising start.


You’ll remember we featured London singer/producer Bayou and his single ‘Varsity Jacket’ back in June ’11. Today he releases a new number called ‘Airlock’, a far less fragile follow up to its predecessor, the song is punctured with staccato hi-hats, acoustic chords and foggy electronic synths. Like ‘Varsity Jacket’ though the new single features Bayou’s delicate and warm falsetto.

love me only

Introducing vocalist/producer dd elle, whose latest single ‘love me only’ (no caps) will have you smitten with its effortless, dreamy vibe and hazy vocals. Melt into the hushed, colourful palette and let its sweet and tropical aroma tug at your heartstrings. Not much is known on dd elle but we do know he/she is releasing his/her debut EP soon, and that it will be titled u. Press play. We’ll keep you updated.

Introducing Bangalore duo Klypp, and their spectacularly constructed debut EP Manifest. Band members Faheem and Karthik Basker entrance with jolts of cool, breezy electronica and mellow vocals that simmer elegantly. The four tracks seem to collide perfectly; seamlessly moving from chapter to chapter – it’s quite beautiful. This is perhaps one of the strongest debuts we’ve heard all year, take a listen below.

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