I have to say I am loving these summer mixes that keep dropping, here’s another one. With the countdown to Ben Westbeech’s forthcoming album underway – Strictly Rhythm have put out this summer mix that Ben put together.

If you are in a similar rainy, grey place like I am right now (London) then this might just brighten up your day a bit.

There’s More To Life Than This out on September 12th.

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I have been patiently sitting on Teedra Moses beautifully entitled Complex Simplicity for a good few years, awaiting a equally perfected sophomore album. After having the label issues that most female R’n'B/Soul singers have in the early stages of their recording career, Moses is now firmly seated in the Maybach Music Group, driven by Rick Ross.

In preparation (or I hope) for her next full album, Moses drops this mixtape in celebration of Independence Day. Apt really.

Her previous mixtapes, have been hit or miss for me. Mostly the latter and probably because of my automatic comparison to the debut LP. It set the standard. And in the reigns of the ‘Boss’, I’m not entirely sure the Teedra Moses we were introduced to, will return. I guess we will have to wait until the album, but until then get into this Luxurious Undergrind. Tracklist over the jump.

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Mixtapes are quite literally ‘flying’ everywhere these days. Sorry – I had to.

The one we know as Fly Lo has delivered a fresh mix for that 4th o’ July summer listening. A sequel to the Stones Throw Podcast #66, (which you can grab here) and clocking in at over two hours, I have no doubt there are some gems on there. I’m about to get into this now.


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As Tyler was missing his regular home comforts so much recently whilst travelling the world, touring and spreading Wolf Gang fever in every corner he can possibly reach, he created a new alias (DJ Stank Daddy) and made a mixtape. So vintage. Bless. It features the likes of Badu, Smith Westerns and Tyler’s favourites – N.E.R.D

The man himself wrote:

Hi. I’m On A Big Tour In Europe Right Now, Pretty New To This. I’m Used To Spending Summers Not Doing Anything Productive With My Friends. I’m Really Fucking Home Sick, Not Only That, I Have A Cast On, So, To Feel Better, I Put Together An Hour Mix Of Songs That I Like To Listen To, That Reminds Me Of Summer Back Home. Fuck A Tracklist, Figure It Out. GOLFWANG. -Tyler.

No need to go figure, tracklist after the jump.

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Now….this is what is needed to bring the sunshine out this morning. Dope mix from the master on the 1′s and 2′s Jazzy Jeff. Featuring a stellar line up on this one with the likes of Smif N Wessun, Fresh Prince, Q-Tip, R. Kelly, De La Soul, Gap Band, Pharcyde, Common and Jagged Edge this one has something for everyone! You can stream it and download it here over on Mick Boogie’s site here. Vibes.

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In for some Hip Hop?

Personally speaking, for me Jean Grae is (one of) the strongest female emcee out there and has been for a very long time. If we’re talking lyricism, flow and integrity – she has no competition. I guess it is ultimately that integrity and her unwillingness to compromise or change that has in many ways ‘held her back’ from really setting fire to her career. And while many may feel that’s a fools errand, I personally couldn’t respect her higher.

Hip Hop has been lacking a female presence for such a long time now but Jean Grae has always been on her quiet and (somewhat) consistent hustle. Yes, we have Nicki Minaj – but lets be real – she’s making Pop music. I hear very little ‘Hip Hop’ in what she does – she ‘sings’ on most of her music. And that’s cool – she’s crazy successful and it’s working – but in terms of Rap music, the numbers are depressingly low. Thank God for Jean Grae and the far and few between (I know they’re out there before you start listing them off).

I digress – as promised Grae just dropped off her new mixtape Cookies or Comas, we dropped the first single last week, so get suck in and listen to what she has to say. This tape precedes Jean’s forthcoming new album Cake or Death out later this year.

It’s been four years since Washington DC native Alison Carney released anything new, today marks the release of her new mixtape (or free LP – she doesn’t mind what you call it) alisonWonderland.

Featuring “borrowed” productions from Diplo, J.Dilla, Benzi and Flying Lotus (to name a few) as well as some original compositions the 12 tracks within are all embedded with Alison’s very clear, very clean, very cool vocals. I really enjoy her free-spirit inflections, in some ways she reminds me a little of Terri Walker and in others of Muhsinah (I hate making comparisons, but it’s true) but she remains very much her own character throughout. Listen download via the bandcamp player below…

Having been a supporter or Rapsody since day I can safely say I was not disappointed by the mixtape we had been waiting a likkle while for (Make sure you peep her ‘Return of the b-girl’ tape though…my gaaard…). Featuring the likes of Raekwon, Mac Miller, Big K.R.I.T. Marsha Ambrosius, Nottz, and of course..the mighty 9th Wonder among many more, you could say that this tape was nothing short of stacked!! So…go ahead and download here. No long ting.

I mean, it was bound to happen and it (kinda) makes perfect sense. Two of the most #soemoshswag artists around, mix mashed within their perceptual minor-chord baggage. This is what depressive, thought provoking nights are made of.

Bombé & Mr. Caribbean have cleverly amalgamated songs from James Blake and Drake back catalogue, creating what they have amply titled the James Drake Mixtape.

I’ve given this a spin and I must say, I’m really enjoying it. These two artists have, in their own rights, pioneered a defining sound (whether you like to admit it or not) and together they share a similar open and honest sensibility – so bridging their sonics in this way really does work.

Fans on both sides are either going to love or absolutely hate this.

Download: Bombé & Mr. Caribbean – “James Drake Mixtape”

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Cruising through my twitter timeline this morning I see our home girl Terri Walker post a link to a new mixtape entitled Terri in Wonderland – schweet. After a number of album push backs Miss Walker decided to put something out to tide her fans over, she tweets: “I am sooo happy I have managed to entertain you before my album drops. Felt so guilty for all the push backs.xx” – we’ve been waiting (lol!), but hey – all good things, right? Sure the album push backs will be worth it in the end, but for now – lets enjoy some new free music (most of which was produced by Ski Beatz) from camp Walker.

Tracklist after the jump…

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