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With very little warning, a new free album has emerged from Hackney songstress Anita Blay otherwise known as Cocknbullkid. The project, made up of old songs and demos, was supposed to be released “properly” but according to Blay the label was slow to put it out and “someone beat them to it” – wonder who that was?

Electro-pop, synth heavy anthemics, seductive vocals, 80’s cool – enjoy.

Hands up who fondly remembers the tiny impact Blue & Exile’s Below The Heavens made in the worldwide underground hip-hop community circa ’07? That was a good year for turning points in music and rising new scenes – particularly the experimental nu-Leftcoast in LA.

Well, the good times return for all you starved of Blu spitting over hyper-Soulful Exile beats. After an interesting 2011 for the gifted emcee who dropped his brave debut NoYork to mixed-response (uber-critics loved it, ultra-purists were confused) and a quiet season for the producer, they’ve just decided to be cheeky and unleash this unfinished follow-up out of the blu(e) for legions of sentimental fans.

Recorded in 2009 – the same period they were leaking gorgeous cuts like ‘Love Line(s),Dedicated To Last Fe’vrier’ which despite not being on here, ensures it’s coming from a good place.

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Put simply, Irish-bred fusionist Sabre is one of the least diluted ‘roadman-folk’ offerings from a British major. Lonely Are The Brave has a thematic maturity, vocal grit and musical integrity I’d not expected from the commercial debut. There’s pleasing nods to The Roots’ ‘What They Do’ and Portishead’s ‘Glory Box’ which itself sampled Isaac Hayes (excuse my former crate-digging glee). And despite being firmly in a vintage-Soul-with-a-relateable-face era, it’s Maverick’s weathered, rootsy voice perpetrated with the feelings of a drifter that really grip the listener, holding this collection together with dusty drum breaks and Stax hints before we’re led to inevitable Sam Cooke territory.

Whilst there may have been blatant potential to expand towards a Reggae palette, unfortunately that genre’s not in conveyor belt fashion enough yet for labels – so don’t mind the delays on a rumoured Plan B skank-friendly third set or the mythologized Winehouse Reggae album (previously rejected by Universal), things might change take a turn after that…

The above are snippets only. Album is out Jan 30th 2012.

Very excited about tucking into The Roots’ newest concept LP, undun. Stream the entire set below, and support the record when it drops on December 6th. These cats seldom disappoint.

Gorged a healthy diet of Jazz in yoot times, getting deep into the later improv steez of Coltrane, Davis, Sun-Ra, etc. and to this day few things feels like the glacial swag of a dissonant chord or perverse polyrhythm getting worked like an outer-body summoning. So, checking these fresh young cats from Toronto (like the great bleeding reservoir of Earth right now) drop this cheeky live set of “Jazz Post-Bop” reworks flipping contemporary classics – kinda’ messed my post-Sunday 2am composure up a bit.

Standardly, shred of (buzz-based) scepticism was there before pressing play, then upon hearing the drummer syncopate for Wacka Flocka ‘Hard In Da Paint’ and go on to tear through Flying Lotus ‘Camel’, ODB ‘Brooklyn Zoo’, Slum Village ‘Fall-n-Love’ – the musicianship and instrumental collisions felt thoroughly dynamic. There’s traces of Hardcore and Pop Punk-mindedness in there aswell; I’m always hoping a perceptive bunch will come along and refresh the dire crust of modern Jazz’ image, making it enticing for the flummoxed info-age populace.

Look forward to studio material from this trio – with the right engineering and some killer grand theft auto compositions like ‘Salmonella’, they could create some of the coldest business out. Hope they collaborate extensively on affiliate Tyler, The Creator’s next album, it’s been made no secret that Hayley is starving to broaden his palette on 2012’s Wolf.

Free stream & download below.

Earth, it has arrived.

Intergalactic (via LA) duo J*Davey’s long-awaited 11 song canvas of mind-bending musical mischief is finally available to stream. Featuring material originally set for release through Warner Bros, it will now drop via their ILLAV8R imprint, on iTunes

Get your synapses going courtesy of our Rehearsal Rooms episode with these guys first, then click here to get fully fried off that New Designer Drug.

November 22nd, mark the date.

Purchase directly here.

We posted the album stream, now it’s time for the lead singles video featuring Jessie Ware & Freddie Gibbs. Peep it up top…

I’ve been waiting for this LP for a long, long time – glad we’re finally getting our ears around Joker’s debut. The Bristol based producer has provided us with ’nuff beats over the years – his unique wizardry is melodic, but also mad gully. But releasing a full album has it’s pressures – singles and remixes are great, but an encapsulating body of work? It’s no joke. Lets hope it lives up to our (high) expectations – stream in full below…

I have always been one to favour the gritty dubbed sound and #soemoshswag stylings that regularly flocks out of the UK isles and beyond, so it’s no surprise that New Look is right up my street.

No – I’m not championing the high street retailer, I am talking about the Canadian husband and wife duo’s debut LP that has found it’s way to me via the musical fairies. The pair who previously supported the darlings of shoegazed emo-indie pop The XX, released a slightly more electronic based album and since then have gone on to support SBTRKT too.

Opening with the melodic,  fantasy led ‘Nap On The Bow’,  lead singer Sarah Ruba’s voice sits comfortably over the stuttered beat. Her distinctive tone takes prominence on each track, which can be a difficult task against such head bopping beats that Adam Pavao produces. The tracks move from quirky to tender to dancey effortlessly and as you delve further into the album, Kraftwerk and at times, Neon Neon reference you to only a small section of what you gain from the duo’s debut.

By the end of the album, feeling chilled, relaxed and knowing I enjoyed what I heard, I remain unsure of how New Look manage to arouse so many sounds, maintain passion and sound so current all within their 10 tracks. I haven’t quite put my finger on it and on that note – I’ll happily give it another listen

… Here are a couple cuts from the album. What do you think?

‘Nap on the Floor’

‘The Ballad’


The album New Look is available to buy now.

We’re now able to stream Björk’s new multimedia album Biophilia ahead of it’s October 10th release date. The LP which sees the Icelandic singer experimenting with custom instruments and interactive apps for the iPhone & iPad – has already earned critical acclaim through her incredible live show during this summers International Festival in Manchester.

Stream after the jump…

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