After a string of inspired singles and an enticing album teaser, R&B revivalist Rochelle Jordan officially drops her debut album Pressure. Produced entirely by long-time collaborator KLSH, Pressure is a collection of well focused, tightly formed, progressive songs that not only channel Jordan’s healthy obsession with 90’s golden-era R&B, but also administer the atmosphere this new era has ushered in. KLSH’s productions have truly flourished over the past year – these beats are complex, airy and fractured in all the right places… but the key objective never forgotten: it bumps.

Fans of Nicole Wray’s Make It Hot Aaliyah’s One in A Million or SWV’s Release Some Tension should be particularly excited by this. Melodically speaking, in terms of accuracy, Rochelle Jordan (who wrote every song) is destroying everyone right now. Quote me. But it is ultimately the chemistry between Jordan and KLSH that makes all of this so completely arresting. These two are miles ahead of their competition; Pressure may well be one of the strongest R&B releases of the year.

Listen & download for free below.

Download: Rochelle Jordan – Pressure (LP)

8 years after the release of their debut LP, Nina Sky are finally back with a follow up album titled Nicole & Natalie. Intended to showcase both sides of their personalities’ & styles’, the free-to-download release features 8 new songs, including previous singles ‘Day Dreaming’ and ‘Heartbeat’. The album also includes this intriguing number called ‘Never Kissed You’ produced by Salaam Remi – a curious track that certainly does display a new side to the twins’ sound. Listen to the song and download the album (for free) below…

Download: Nina Sky – Nicole & Natalie (LP)

Having supported Brixtonian talent Cooly G for the last few years, we’ve been waiting on her to release that body of work that would really encapsulate her myriad of exotic influences, frolicking signatures and penchant for experimenting soulfully with British club sounds. As anticipated, her self-produced debut album is chock with sensuous vocal refrains and blissed out synths over tropical bass bumpiness. Sexy music for sexy people. Get transported.

Playin Me is released July 17th on Hyperdub. Stream below with some good headphones or woofs and a herb(al beverage).

Merry Christmas. Now available to buy on iTunes, whilst the physical is still set for a 17th July drop. Make sure you’re already up on his Jimmy Fallon performance this morning and of course that 3K. Tracklisting after the jump…

Read our review here.

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Going against the grain has been SpaceGhostPurrp’s ‘thing’ and it definitely seems to work for him. Signing to British indie label 4AD was a brave move, but after seeing him live recently, the young rising rapper seems to take it all in his stride.

With the forthcoming release of his debut album on Monday 11th June, SGP puts out the full stream for everyone to hear his syrup based, purple drank beats without cost. Get into it below.

After a string of incredible singles and sneak peak videos, Bobby Womack is finally about to release his much anticipated album The Bravest Man in the Universe. Produced by Richard Russell and Damon Albarn, the album marks Womack’s 27th release and features collaborations with Lana Del Rey and Gil Scott-Heron.

In an interview with the Guardian the legendary Soul singer said “bad as I been, I can sing my ass off, better than I could before” – an undeniable truth made abundantly clear while listening to the new songs. This has ‘Album of the Year’ (potential) written all over it.

The Bravest Man in the Universe is due out on XL Records on June 11th.

[via Guardian]

After leaking a couple of tracks in the lead up to the album release on Friday, Ab-Soul gives those that have not bought a copy for themselves, an opportunity to listen to the whole project. The whole Top Dawg Entertainment and Black Hippy Collective are featured throughout, as well as appearances from Jhene Aiko, Danny Brown and BJ The Chicago Kid.
Have a listen below and grab a copy too

Ah, the wait is finally over…

Our beloved Santigold finally returns to us with a brand new, full length album. It’s been a long and winding road since Santogold released her debut album in 2008 – her unique spin on Electronic-Pop resonated perfectly that year, so much so that she’s had most of us here at PB HQ (as well as many of you) on tender hooks for that all important sophomore follow up.

After a spout of silly legal bother regarding her name and various other projects behind the scenes, our thirst for new music can now be quenched. Stream Master Of My Make Believe in its entirety below and buy it when it’s released on April 23rd.

(via ASOS)

Presented using their real names and not their more known (and mysterious) moniker Hype Williams, Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland have offered a full stream of their new album Black is Beautiful ahead of it’s release on Hyperdub next week.

Sculpting a cohesively structured album Black is Beautiful is a promising example of how two experimental souls can come together and create something genuinely unique. It’s an album of weird construct but one that, through a clearly defined vision, has been executed brilliantly. Blunt & Copeland unravel their internalised ideals through 15 sonically engaging songs – like pieces to a puzzle, each track fits consummately into place.

Stream: Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland – Black is Beautiful

Ahead of his release on April 3rd, a full stream of Willis Earl Beal’s new album Acousmatic Sorcery has been made available. Having enticed us with a number of leaks over the past few months, his eclectic charm can now be heard in full detail below…

(via PMA)

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