Acoustic sorcerer’s simply don’t get better than Chicago’s Willis Earl Beal, who’s readying the release of his sophomore album Nobody Knows (Hot Charity/XL) for a September 10 release. In conjunction with the album, Beal recently unveiled the Cat Power assisted ‘Coming Through’ in which the two slip in and out of each other’s serene vocals, in what becomes a stunning, dreamy duet. Whilst you’re enjoying this, why not check out the previously released album cuts ‘Too Dry to Cry‘ and ‘Everything unwinds‘.

Danish quartet Blaue Blume follow up their stunning debut track ‘On New Years Eve‘ with an equally entrancing new release. Glistening in its indie-rock glory, ‘Helen’ makes use of the band’s intricate vocals (in perfect harmony, might I add) on top of the rapturously moody production to tell a heartfelt narrative through the record’s ardent lyrics.  Building a haunting atmosphere over a sulky backdrop, frontman Jonas Smith yet again mystifies with his quavering, trippy vocal adding to the track’s majesty; see for yourself below.

‘Hold On We’re Coming Home’ could possibly be one of Drake’s strongest singles to date – a bold statement, I know. And while to some it may seem relatively unremarkable, for anyone familiar with So Far Gone or even his debut album, his artistic progression is undeniable. In fact, it’s verging on genius. He’s gradually (and successfully) pushed the envelope at every opportunity and has done so in a way that allows his audience to evolve and grow along with him. Anyways – Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes has clearly taken to the track as he’s served up a rather delectable, albeit rough, alternative to Drizzy’s original. Take a listen…

Yesterday our minds were positively blown by King Krule’s majestic ‘Neptune Estate’, today though and a week ahead of it’s scheduled release the artist formally known as Zoo Kid shares a full stream of his debut album 6 Feet Beneath the Moon. Aged just 18, it’s no exaggeration to say that this young man has one of the most uniquely powerful voices on the planet and that this debut will undoubtedly end up one of the highlights of the year. Stream the entire LP below and buy the album on August 24th via XL Recordings. The album is also streaming live over some CCTV of London at

The first single from King Krule’s much anticipated debut album gets the visual treatment, as we follow Archie Marshall wandering around London. ‘Easy Easy’ sees the 18 year old donning an oversized suit whilst loitering on rooftops and at train stations, all through a bright, summery filter. His LP 6 Feet Beneath the Moon will be out on 24th August courtesy of XL recordings and True Panther Sounds.

Poliça’s Justin Vernon-assisted ‘Tiff‘ saw Nabil Elderkin direct a stunning video to accompany the airy, free flowing track. And now we’ve got an equally mesmerising remix from producer Doc McKinney, best known for his work with The Weeknd and Drake. It’s not a surprise then that the remix is dark and haunting, yet beautifully angelic with bursts of Vernon’s impeccable vocals dispersing throughout. Stream the eerie remix below and don’t forget to get Shulamith, the sophomore album out October 21st.

X Priest X is the project of vocalist Madeline Priest and producers Chandler Strang and David Kazyk. Little can be found about the trio apart from the fact that they’re from Florida, and that they’ve concocted a sweet little number titled ‘Samurai’. The best way to describe the band is to think of a more pop variation of Grimes. The resonant beats infused with the mysterious, yet sugary vocals epitomise what is, a simply structured yet perfectly flowing song. Stream the track in it’s entirety and reminisce in its lo-fi goodness!

As possessor of one of the most unique and raw voices on the planet, 18 year old Archie Marshall known commonly by his stage moniker King Krule, has over the past couple years captured the attention of critics and admirers the world over. It’s with great excitement then that he has announced his debut album 6 Feet Beneath the Moon which will be released on August 24th via XL Recordings (Adele, The xx, Jai Paul etc). The album will feature 14 new songs including ‘Easy Easy’ produced by Krule and Rodaidh McDonald (The xx, Savages) a track which showcases Marshall’s youthful post-punk disposition together with his deeply introspective and brutally vivid approach to lyricism. Everything this young man does is utterly compelling ‘Easy Easy’ is no exception.

6 Feet Beneath the Moon is available to pre-order on iTunes now. Tracklist after the jump.

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Danish quartet Blaue Blume caught my attention with their stand alone track on their Soundcloud recently. Drifting through a theatrical requiem of dream pop and erring on soft indie sonics, the four-piece crafts sun stroked guitar strums and mystifying melodies that front man Jonas Smith sculpts using his rasping gravel tones. Just when you’re used to the songs haunting pitch, Smith segues it into another gear. Joined by the rest of the band and pacing drums, the latter section could easily be a whole new song. Hopefully Blaue Blume will continue to pen tracks like this, definitely hear something a bit special.

Man like Ghostpoet comes through with a typically London looking video for his new single ‘Meltdown’ featuring two young couples on very different (bus) journeys. The new single comes off Obaro’s forthcoming album Some Say I So I Say Light, due out May 6th and as it always does – sounds like nothing else around.

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