Adult Jazz are perhaps the most exciting band to have burst onto the scene since alt-J, and their debut album, Gist Is, exemplifies why. The four-piece from Leeds begin proceedings with the seven-minute long ‘Hum’, where frontman Harry Surgess enchants with his fluttery voice transcending the spiritual instrumentation.

Over the course of the LP, we see the band spread their wings and take an experimental turn in tracks like ‘Idiot Mantra’ and ‘Be A Girl’ which revert from a straightforward 4×4 beat whilst still maintaining accessibility through the lyrics (“my heart, it is still spinning all over the ground“). The LP is rounded off with ‘Bonedigger’, a smooth and airy number, which brings us back to a more conventional flow.

Gist Is, takes you on an ethereal journey of intricately crafted, forward-thinking compositions, rammed with layer upon layer of sparkling rhythms, magical vocals and introspective songwriting. Stream the entire album over at NPR, before it drops August 4.

Although the name Purple Ferdinand may not widely resonate with people from around the world, this wonderful young lady has been steady on the London live circuit for quite some time, quietly building her army of eclectically-cool followers. Of course we’ve loved her from time. But with the arrival of her new single it feels like the tide may be about to change for London’s most musical tattoo artist. Ukulele in hand and donning a pink (hopefully faux) fur jacket with body art exposed, Purple delicately performs her beautiful new single ‘Birds’ via her new portrait video.

Leeds quartet Adult Jazz return with their latest track ‘Spook’. Taken off their forthcoming debut album, Gist Is (August 4th) the song really shows off the band’s depth and knack for churning out gorgeous sounds. Yes it’s 10-minutes long, but sit with it – it’s worth it.

Steven A Clark

Steven A. Clark has been steady on his grind for a few years, in fact his wondrous single ‘Lonely Roller’ can be traced as far back as 2012. However this month saw the release of Clark’s quaint 3 track Late EP, a project that skims the delicate frontiers of soul, R&B and pop. Although these songs were previously released under the project name Fornication Under the Consent of the King, this streamlined EP marks the singers first release on Secretly Canadian.

Free‘s tour de force is unquestionably its aforementioned opener ‘Lonely Roller’, an instant vintage paradox of feel good melancholy and exhilarating soul (with a devastatingly killer hook, may I add); You’ll find yourself endlessly reloading this one – advance warning. ‘Just Ride’, the EP’s second number is a richer, more R&B affirmed mid-tempo which wouldn’t feel totally out of place on a Miguel record. ‘Seashore’, the EP’s closing track concludes proceedings as its most defiant record – an anthemic bubbler that makes a resolute statement about the copious facets of its creators palette.

Listen to Steven A. Clark’s Late EP via Spotify below and/or buy it via iTunes.

Every year it seems Coachella manages to ensemble and even more exciting motley crew of performers to headline their stages. This year they outdid themselves by reuniting one of hip hop’s most beloved group – Outkast – following a near 8-year hiatus. Add to that show stopping performances from Pharrell Williams, Disclosure, Nas, A$AP Ferg, Solange, Warpaint, Lana Del Rey, Banks and heaps of others, not to mention the special guests some of these artists brought out including Gwen Stefani, Busta Rhymes, Jay-Z, Diddy, Snoop Dogg, Juicy J et el.

As the first weekend comes to an end, we’ve compiled some of the best performances from the past two days for you to sit back and enjoy. We’ll keep adding more full performances as they become available. And we’ll do the same with next weekends festivities too. Watch Outkast’s set up top and all the others after the jump.

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Who hasn’t been obsessed with Warpaint’s debut album? We’ve been enamoured with them since way (way) back when. Take a look at the girls’ new 8-minute double video for their singles ‘Disco//Very’ and ‘Keep It Healthy’ – both of which serve as awesome singles and subsequent videos. Love.


However overlooked ‘Stranger in Moscow’ is amongst Michael Jackson’s iconic discography, it survives as one of his most haunting classics. Taken off Jackson’s double-disc HIStory album, the ballad has amassed a near cult-appreciation since its release in 1996; the portrait of loneliness MJ paints in that song (and its unforgettable video) is eerily tangible. His performance is flawless.

It feels befitting then that an emotive band like Tame Impala felt inspired enough by the song to cover in such a delicate and respectable way. Impala’s softly curated palate of padded drums, coiling synths and echo-soaked vocals gives an exciting new dimension to Michael’s near-mythic original. This is wonderful.

Blaue Blume impressed us last year with their exquisite attitude towards melodies and stirring vocals on songs like ‘Helen’, ‘On New Years Eve‘ and ‘Jealousy’, and now the Danish outfit return with yet another superb number. ‘Lost Son of Boys’ continues their strong run and like their previous efforts is filled with honeyed vocals and transitive instrumentation. It’s so rather nice, take a listen…

With less than a 1000 plays and one song on their Soundcloud page, I am pretty sure of two things. Firstly, I most likely attributed to at least 100 of those plays (maybe more) and secondly, I’m almost certain that we’re one of the first platforms to properly discuss Babe Heaven.

This London duo have piqued our ears with the first track off their forthcoming EP. Taking their time to create their sound, you may be waiting a (hopefully short) while for more from them. In the meantime, submerse yourself in the elegantly addictive sounds of these loving melodies, soaked in the dreamy soothing harmonies.  ‘Friday Sky’ is a sublime slice of teenage crushing. Swoon.

Denmark’s hottest new export Blaue Blume have already left us spellbound with both ‘Helen‘ and ‘On New Year’s Eve‘, and now they’re back to mystify with their newest offering, ‘Jealousy’. Lead singer, Jonas Smith’s impeccably haunting and spine-tingling vocals wrap themselves perfectly around a wavering backdrop of faintly drifting percussion and pockets of gorgeous guitars. As they head back to the studio, there’s no doubt 2014 will unveil more of this exquisite quartet. For now, give ‘Jealousy’ a spin below.

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