Prince reloads the f*ck out of his 1984 Purple Rain classic ‘Lets Go Crazy’ and continues to embrace the internet (yay!) by releasing it for all to consume and obsess over. The new version is a result of fonky “rehearsals” sessions with his band and sees the much loved uptempo transformed into a slowed down, burning blues number built around epic guitar riffs and huge explosions of distorted instrumentation… Course Prince messes it right up with new reenergised vocals too. Urgh.

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I could write a dissertation on how influential Prince has been to all the musicians featured in this video, but that would be digressive and long. Instead I’m going to calmly bug the f*ck out that D’Angelo is on camera talking about Prince (albeit rather briefly). The piece (courtesy of Okayplayer) not only features God D, but also master of Prince-ology Questlove, Bilal (Purple incarnate) and the legendary Elvis Costello to name but a few, all speak on Prince’s impact on them and on music period. Interviews were conducted backstage at the Music of Prince Tribute in New York.

… It certainly feels like something very big is coming from the Purple Yoda this year, don’t know what it is but it’s coming.

Nothing Prince ever does is random, you should know this by now. He plans his movements with meticulous coordination and so it’s no surprise that the day his uber-cool Billboard cover is unveiled is also the same day he launches a new website (20pr1nc3.com) with new content. It would appear from what we’ve been treated to so far Sir Starfish & Coffee is planning something big in 2013. A preview of ‘Screwdriver’ has been floating around but his new website offers it up in full via an official lyric video – this YouTube rip will get pulled down, so hopefully you catch it before it does. If you don’t – go here to watch.

The sky just turned Purple ya’ll.

Around 10 hours ago a mysterious account by the name of 3rdEyeGirl appeared on Twitter (along with a subsequent YouTube channel) and with it a string of cryptic Prince-related tweets. Two tweets directed folk to remixes of ‘Rock and Roll Love Affair’ and an extended version of ‘Laydown’ (off the 20Ten album). Another led followers to a rehearsal video of ‘Bambi’ (originally recorded for his 1979 debut), while another led the devote to this – a seemingly brand new song titled ‘Same Page Different Book’. And yes, yes it’s fonky.

It’s unclear right now whether this is Prince “on his marketing” or whether someone’s got their hands on his unreleased material. For their sakes (and ours) lets hope the former is the truth. And if it is – lets pray for more.

… My bets are that this is all him – if it wasn’t, surely none of this would have lasted 5 minutes online.

P.s Hit the jump for the other tweeted material.

Update: The track has been pulled from YouTube by ‘Controversy Music’… Hehe 

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Velour (Julio Bashmore & Hyetal) break their nearly two year silence with a cheeky new song/video titled ‘Speedway’. Their fonky new offering seems entirely more suited for sunnier climates – not grey London – but we’ll take it, might help ease our S.A.D. Hopefully we can expect more from these two in the coming weeks…

“Unreleased Jai Paul Beats. Have a quick listen as gonna b taken down by our manager in the morning.” – Two Inch Punch. And, modern internet folklore continues with this re-surfacing of a snippet Jai had on his MySpace a few years back. Ahead of his time even then, it features a familiar Feist inspiration source more recently popularised in 2010 by James Blake. Here it’s organic, punching Dilla’esque funk and hypnotic alarms all lightly dusted and taking you up, up, into the clouds. One can only imagine where this goes past the cruel 53 second cut-off. With ‘Jasmine’ already being a favourite of the year, how much longer the wait for new material Mr. Paul? Obsessed. Repeat x 100,000.

[Link has now been removed]

This is Dorian Concept‘s rework of Austrian producer Cid Rim’s ‘Draw’, a track taken from his excellent debut Micro Album. Where Cid Rim’s ultra slick, yet slightly more reserved original takes its time, Dorian Concept’s ode is a skittish, jittering, electro funk inspired re-fix. Steadily building to a crescendo of crushed drums and spiralling vocal samples. Brash and hasty in it’s deliver, it gets to the point and insists on raising the stakes even further with a bout of surging keyboard riffs.

If you haven’t already go get Cid Rim’s excellent  Micro Album  which is available now on Lucky Me, who continue to add to their already impressive roster.

Channeling the decadence of 70’s disco and 80’s boogie, New York natives Body Language reveal their latest video for single ‘Falling Out’, taken off their 2011 released Social Studies EP. Nitrate popper synths, a tropical rollerskating groove and a fierce hook create the perfect sweaty night soundtrack for all those wanting to hang loose, boogaloo or robot. The video was shot, naturally, in New York City of course.

Formed in an obscure region of Sweden called Korpilombolo, Goat is a band of musicians focused on channelling their love for Afro-beat, Psych-Funk, Folk and Disco into a sound entirely their own. Their hometown has long been shrouded in tales of voodoo worship and practices of the dark arts, something that is not ignored in their music. ‘Let It Bleed’ is the first single taken off their upcoming World Music debut (August 20th), it’s video was released a few weeks back but from it you can quickly gauge their philosophy.

Eglo Records’ Fatima and Funkineven reunite once again, this time for a joint EP titled Phoneline. The 4-track release includes ’90’s’, a soulful track which blends Funkineven’s love for analogue and electronic experimentation with Fatima’s unmistakably coloured vocals; Together creating a genuinely dope sound that pays homage to influencers of the past while not giving in to mundane clichés. Low quality audio radio rip for now…

Phoneline EP out August 6th, pre order here.

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