So, this happened.

The internet is a buzz with the surprise appearance of a ‘some type of’ Jai Paul release that made it’s way onto bandcamp early this morning. While there’s no official word on what exactly this is, there a few cryptic messages and tweets floating around that suggests that this obscure release (discovered and dissected by CiTR) is an official release i.e. was uploaded by or on behalf of the elusive Rayners Lane singer/producer.

None of the 16 tracks (including a cover of Jennifer Paige’s ‘Crush’ and a few tracks that you’ll already have heard floating around) are labelled and many sound unfinished or in demo form, but for fans who have been waiting for anything from this guy – this is a huge moment. ‘BTSTU’ (track 16) dropped back in ’07 and ‘Jasmine’ (track 9) was uploaded to soundcloud in 2012 – since then, we’ve all been in an unnerving state of limbo. We even tried harassing some friends of ours who are close to the project – their answer: “when Jai Paul decides to release something, he’ll release something, but until then we’ll be waiting just like you”… So this type of ‘random’ release fits his MO and at this stage no one is claiming it to be a fake or an illegal upload – including his record company XL Recordings.

I suggest you listen and buy whatever this is (we’ll call it the Holy Grail tape for now) before it disappears forever and digest what looks to be an album/mixtape that for many of us has been over six years in the making.

Update: Jai Paul has released a statement on twitter stating that the untitled project that hit the web yesterday was an unauthorised leak and not an official release. Taking to his until-now-dorment twitter account the reclusive singer said “To confirm: demos on bandcamp were not uploaded by me, this is not my debut album. Please don’t buy”. The 16 track upload has since been pulled from to bandcamp and customers who purchased the release have begun receiving refunds.

… A sceptic might say this all a feels a bit suspect, but hey – who really knows. Lets just hope this guy releases something soon.

Ahead of the release of his new album Anything in Return (January 29th), Toro Y Moi graces us with a new and completely fantastic 4-part single titled ‘Lyin’. If anyone needed proof of this young mans versatility or aptitude they should really listen to this a few times. The songs multiple parts cascade using varying styles which not only show off  Chazwick Bundick’s many contrasting influences but also his talent for interpreting them in a very stylised way. 

Off the hotly anticipated Black Radio Recovered EP dropping this week comes an absolute gem featuring Solange Knowles. Covering one of my favourite Little Dragon tracks, thumping percussion (do you hear the Crooklyn Dodgers-esque bells!) coupled with the pure-silk vocals courtesy of Knowles over the Glasper chops. Apparently recorded as part of the original Black Radio sessions, this refix by everyones favourite drummer and producer extraordinaire beefs it up on a whole new level. Others who feature on the new album include the likes of Pete Rock, Phonte and Black Milk. Real Hip Hop in the building. Make sure you catch Glasper as part of the London Jazz Festival with featured guest MF Doom. Expect a musical journey of epic genre crossing proportions.

Kidsuke is a collaboration between Kid Kanevil and Daisuke Tanabe and with the upcoming long-player release over a month away (2nd November on Project Mooncircle), the fine people over at Brownswood have released a full album track as part of their current electr*c 3 compilation to wet our beaks a little. If this track is anything to go by I can’t wait for the album. Dance floor dynamite, video game mind expanding eskimo dance-esque riddims. Listen, enjoy and support.

NPR are now exclusively streaming the entire Flying Lotus third album ‘Until The Quiet Comes’. After releasing two classic LPs of modern electronica, leftfield soul and future beats with Los Angeles and Cosmogramma, how does Until The Quiet Comes fair? Find out, run forth and back it’s entire eighteen track glory here and watch the genius unravel itself. Released 1st October (UK) & 2nd October (USA) 2012 on Warp Records.

Giving Brandy’s classic Best Friend a serious re-working, Smirkface, hailing from the US brings the tune into a new bubbling realm. Some nice click action coupled with tunnelly chords and synths make this a true gem. Currently the only offering from the young man on the interweb, keep eyes peeled for future releases

‘Lightbulbs’ comes courtesy of London based creatives Cronos and Lander KhadelLike alot of good music being made this doesn’t fall neatly into one genre, but intelligently borrows and blends. Cronos’ ear for arrangement and production’s apparent when the intro comes on all laid back, yet intense, mirrored in the video by a figure carrying a rug he’s about to ‘cut up’. It sets the scene as a skilfully worked Angie Stone sample grabs attention for the screwed down Lander verse. The track draws on a lot of what’s potent now, codeine vocals and hydro beats, but they manage a fresh britified balance with it.

‘Slow Memory’ by London based producer Becoming Real is a great example of what happens when the worlds of experimental Electronica collide with that of Folk. On this track Alice Sunless 97’s vocals waft over Real’s glitchy drum patterns and arpeggiated oriental chords like an eerie lullaby full of spectral harmonies. The ‘Blair Witch’ inspired video transports you further into the other worldly space the pair have created on this collaboration.

‘Slow Memory’ is taken off Becoming Real’s mini-album Solar Dreams/Neon Decay and will be released on 17th September via Not Even/Moshi Moshi.


Hats off to Tri Angle Records’ ethos: “Pop is religion. Overground is underground.” They’ve had some brilliant acts that coalesce with the both sides of the equilibrium – experimental music taking inspiration in Pop and vice-versa from Clammy Clams to AlunaGeorge. Another of theirs that’s had a grip on the headphones since last year’s stunning work With U, is Holy Other, returning last month with the teary eyed beauty of track ‘Love Some1’.

Having kept a cult fanbase engaged, the esoteric Other really delivers with this hyper-emotional second long player. It re-iterates his sound that takes a European sense of urbanity and melts it into one misty city. Aching, amplified layers of drone overpowering the spirit, as downtempo time signatures are thrown into turmoil making you want to, essentially, be ‘Held’. It’s 110% night bus. ‘Inpouring’, ‘U Now’ and ‘In Difference’ are corkers aswell. Get in the zone for 36 minutes and let it help you find your way out again #noseasonalaffectivedisorder. Out 27th of August.

Toro Y Moi  takes a step back and lets the alter ego Les Sins come forward. The ’09 born,  party fuelled acquaintance,  seems more adamant to bring blissful subs, twinkling sun kissed hi hats and straight dancefloor vibes to your ear drums, rather than his usual Indie Pop palette.

‘Fetch’ surges along the new route perfectly offering up electronic dreams and pump fisting synth stabs throughout. Alongside that, is the B side chugger – ‘Taken’, which is also part of the package that is due to be released soon on Caribou’s rising Jiaolong label, which sounds like another track that was most likely influenced by the label owner himself. Both are a clear departure from what we are used to from Chaz Brunswick nee Toro Y Moi, but more than happy to receive more.

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