love me only

Introducing vocalist/producer dd elle, whose latest single ‘love me only’ (no caps) will have you smitten with its effortless, dreamy vibe and hazy vocals. Melt into the hushed, colourful palette and let its sweet and tropical aroma tug at your heartstrings. Not much is known on dd elle but we do know he/she is releasing his/her debut EP soon, and that it will be titled u. Press play. We’ll keep you updated.

Here at PB we’re constantly looking out for progressive artists who want to push boundaries; those who stick their heads out and try something a little different. Someone who is beginning to fill that criteria is Coleman Hell, a Toronto based singer who shakes things up on ‘Venezuela’. Whilst maintaining a straight pop aesthetic, the track challenges itself with a distinct vocal approach and skittering electronics which merge to create a rather surreal soundscape. This is kind of left.

After delivering one of last year’s stand out EP’s, producer/vocalist Until the Ribbon Breaks is back with ‘A Taste of Silver’, lifted off his forthcoming EP. At it’s core the song is a rock track, but this being UTRB, things get spicy when he mixes in some snazzy drums, blazing bass’ and some pretty slick vocals. “When you’ve had a taste of silver / then the pennies won’t do”  – preach. The Other Ones EP is out March 25.

Listen to Jay Electronica's New Song

Another year has passed, and still no sign of that long-long-long awaited Jay Electronica album. A shame considering how genuinely excited we were when Jay began his now internet-imfamous onslaught of new-realm rap. Unsurprisingly interest has waned since then. In any case hip hop’s curious socialite took to SXSW to unveil his first new track since his feature on Big Sean’s ‘Control’. ‘Better in Tune with the Infinite’ is held together by a simple piano accompanied by cinematic strings, as Jay Elec goes spits an elegant rhyme and LaTonya Givens provides a spirit-reviving testimonial.

… Its difficult to stay mad at him when you hear something like this. FFS.

The warm up to SBTRKT’s new album continues.

After a few scattered releases since his self-titled debut, SBTRKT has been relatively scarce with new material. Three years later, the masked wonder releases an interactive EP filled with addictive beats and distinctive instrumentals – almost as an ode to his past. Explaining that “much of the music I released before my debut album was instrumental and I want to continue to share this side of the music I make.” Hopefully we will get a full album next. The warm up continues…

Stream the whole EP here.

Hip hop always needs more females, fact. Even with the likes of Angel Haze, Azealia Banks and Iggy Azalea spearheading, it has to be said, its already getting a little boring; especially considering none of the aforementioned have actually produced anything truly noteworthy. That’s where Junglepussy comes in. The name says it all, she’s fierce, full of fire and can spit. In ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’, Junglepussy goes all out – her raw,  distinctive flow is well suited with the brash and intrepid backdrop penned by LE1F collaborator Shy Guy. Listen loud.

For those who don’t know, Jamie Isaac, dabbles in the darker realms broody R&B, and last year, he dropped some pretty dope stuff (most of which you can stream here). To kick-start 2014, the crooner has shared his latest single ‘She Dried’ which is accompanied by a beautifully arresting music video. As the track progresses, you’re helplessly drawn in by the overall expression of the track and video; both of which create an intricate and ghostly aesthetic.

Say hello to XL Recording’s (Jai Paul, Adele, The xx), Eyedress, a Filipino vocalist/producer who released his stellar debut EP, Supernatural last year. Punctuated by an eerie aesthetic from the start, the Manila native’s sprinkling of experimental instrumentation and undulating beats creates a body of beautiful sounds, topped with sweet, hazy vocals weaving their way through the icy backdrop. Today we see the music video to a track we haven’t heard before, ‘Teen Spirits’, which is directed by the wonderkid himself. Shot in an isolated warehouse at his place in Manila, the visual expresses the idea of “true love and soul mates” whilst also focusing on “cheating and losing your innocence“. Check it out above, this guy’s pretty special.

Last week North London collective Piff Gang released a brand new mixtape appropriately titled Pizzy – it premiered on As one of the city’s finest rap outfits it’s unsurprising that their new 13-track tape supplies a plethora of crisp beats and unmistakable verses – fine-blazed to vibe to. PG’s strength has always been that they are a talented collective of sharp, well versed emcees who are fully immersed in and committed to the culture and generation that they minister too. Time to reach for that sticky and listen up.

… And shouts to all the producers who worked on this.

If you haven’t been mesmerised by Ofei’s enigmatic and soulful musings over the past year, then it’s probably time you did. The elusive Londoner is giving away his four-piece London EP free in exchange for your email addy. Opening number and title track ‘London’ endows you in a soulful concoction of spiritual vocoder-assisted vocals and crashing electric-R&B, whilst ‘Poem’ hooks into heartstrings and strums beautifully. You can also pre-order the EP, repackaged with a bonus track ‘Risk’ via One Little Indian ahead of its February 10th release. For now though immerse yourself below…

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