Up for a slab of UK Funky circa the year of ’12? It could only be that good fellow of West London, Tesfa Williams, who’s delicious 2010 gem ‘Heartbeat‘ left shirts soaked in perfume and skirts in absinthe. Pushing forward in the name of dancefloor ecstasy (legit spiritual kind) he’s dropping a new EP Can We on label Enchufada this March 19th. The initial leak, ‘Malfunction’, whilst pugnacious and more grizzly than 2010’s outings, has blazing bass ripples and hyper-active kicks that go straight for the gut underneath vocalist Alix’s glacial bellows. Now for everyone out there looking at that clock on the wall… only a few more hours till the weekend. Get your strength up with a free download below.

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Something to guide you when the darkness is only lit by red and blue strobes and you’re trying to glide across the dancefloor to that aloof, attractive individual you’ve been eyeballing like airport security for half-an-hour. Chilled, high gloss House cut from UK-based producer Fort Romeau’s forthcoming March 6th album release Kingdoms. It’s sure to instigate a few make-out sessions in the club lavatory.

“If it’s worth your while, say something…”

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G is for Goddard. This fully feel-good remix by the backbone of Hot Chip and one-half of 2 Bears, sees acclaimed Nigerian-German artist Nneka’s latest single turned into a tribal-funk odyssey. It’s 9 minutes, but the climatic 4/4 build up and Nneka’s unraveling afro-soul takes flight like a serotonin release on this universal dancefloor cut. Everyone with feet should get rapturously involved. Bring on Spring and Summer.

Nneka’s new album Soul is Heavy is out today and available to buy here.

Always a sucker for a deep Soulful-House bassline and tinkling two step flavours, so no surprise that this track is on heavy rotation in my weekly collection.

Rudimental hailing from my very own part of East London, Hackney, are the vehicle for this house inspired ‘before the party/after the party’ come down track, but is maneuvered vocally by the individual echoes of a 17 year old singer going by MNEK and the delicate female voice is provided by Syron.

If  you’re feeling this track, jump over to their Facebook to grab a free download.

Roses Gabor – young female songstress who uses London as her roots, but has shared a fair amount of stages, singing alongside the likes of Gorillaz all across the world. And of course who could forget last year’s summer tune with SBTRKT ‘Pharoahs‘.

With very little of her own solo material floating around the interwebs, it was perfect timing for Gabor to release her first official mixtape. Entitled The Wonderful World of Roses Gabor, going by the mixtape, I assume her world is full of partying, dancing and more partying. With fall to floor beats, dance samples and instrumentals provided from Hudson Mohawke, Redlight, Dizzee Rascal, Mac Band and Dead Prez, what else is there to think other than… party!

Great pre-shoobz music… stream below and download.


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