Julio Bashmore just premiered a brand new track ‘Rhythm of Auld’, taken off his debut album which is due for release in February on his own Broadwalk Records label. The track, featuring gorgeous vocals from J’Danna, is a beautifully eccentric nu-disco number. Love this.

If you aren’t already in the mood for summer, this surely will. American producer/vocalist La+ch teams up with Coleman Hell and Jayme on ‘You Are My Summer’, a hard-hitting cacophony of smooth electronics ensuing that overall, feel good vibe. With watermelon spitting, ice cream slurping and bubblegum blowing; the visual too, is a treat.

As iconic albums goes, Grace Jones’ Nightclubbing sits among the greatest. From the iconic cover, to Grace’s unmistakable blend of reggae inspired disco – it is an album regarded as one of the best ever released (and personally sits among my most treasured albums). To mark its 20+ year legacy the album will be comprehensively remastered and repackaged to include hard-to-find alternative versions of some of Jones’ most iconic songs, plus two new tracks including ‘Me! I Disconnect From You’, a cover of Gary Numan’s 1979 cult-classic. Take a listen to the newly uncovered gem up top – its rather fabulous.

We pinpointed BASECAMP – the Nashville Trio earlier this year and now their R&B aesthetic has had the London bassline rehaul by House producer Joe Hertz. Holding on to the distinctive vocal, Hertz lets it bubble alongside tingling drum crashes and deep rooted rumblings. Absorbed completely in the ethereal sounds and layered synths, Hertz provides a special sound – big bold beats with a sensual undertone.  Grab your free download for your Monday below!

Can’t say this is representative of Julio Bashmore’s best work, in fact it’s perhaps a far cry from the some the highlights that we have shared before, however Bashmore’s spectrum of electronic music varies wide and although not setting my ears alight, I appreciate the exuberant house music touch and the heartwarming synths. Another added bonus comes by teaming up with long term star collaborator, Jessie Ware too.

There are strong rumours that after a number of releases over the years that have sealed Bashmore as a strong force in the UK dancefloor circuit, there is a debut album on the cards. With “Peppermint” as the latest offering, it looks like this may come before the end of the year too – we hope.

Why is everyone giving Drake such a hard time at the moment? Drizzy currently seems to be the butt of a lot of social media jokes, especially on twitter with the whole ‘Drake is the type of guy…’ meme (admittedly, it’s jokes). So whether it’s with a sense of irony or just out of genuine admiration for Aubrey Australian beat crafter Ta-Ku dedicates his latest release to those who don’t openly admit their Drizzy fandom. The track itself is a banger. The heavy bass line and trap beat bumps hard, but it’s the heavily manipulated vocals from the young money millionaire himself that really stand out. Here’s to the closet Drake fans out there. Come out already.

As the title suggests, Berlin and Paris based German producer Dream Koala will take you on a journey with his latest song ‘Odyessey’. The track was “inspired by a dream I had where I died in a plane crash. ‘Odyssey’ comes from the travels of [the legendary Greek King) Ulysse – his fear of never coming back home & never reaching his ambitions. It’s a track about deception and the fear of death, the fear of never accomplishing your goals”. The songs conceptional depth far out shines Koala’s 19 years and slowly builds from a spaced-out minimalist beat accompanied by a distant electric guitar, into a soft dubstep signature made perfect by Koala’s forlorn and resonating delivery. 

PMR signee Javeon McCarthy (now known just as Javeon) returns with his first new track of the year and his first since 2012’s ‘Precious’. Excitingly and rather typical of PMR’s know-how ‘Lovesong’ was produced by 18 year old singer/songwriter MNEK. Together the two have created an upbeat blend of summery house, contemporary pop and melodic R&B carried by Javeon’s soulfully dexterous vocals. The track doesn’t come out until October 14th, so for now take listen below.

Veteran don Wookie was has enlisted the vocal talents of singer Eliza Doolittle on his new single ‘The Hype’. As one of London’s foremost innovators Wookie knows more than most how to create a storming rave filler…  And there’s not resting on his laurels here. Aside from his general greatness, ‘The Hype’ also seems to reaffirm Eliza Doolittle‘s new found home as a garage chanteuse; After her wildly successful foray with Disclosure on ‘You & Me’, it appears her voice is perfectly suited for this arena. Unfortunately the track is teasingly short at just 1 min 59 secs but hopefully it’s just a taste of things to come.

The sound of the 80’s pervades London producer Digital Farm Animals’ song ‘Adore You’. The song revels in the synth-driven, neon-soaked glory of Duran Duran while adding a soulful dance twist courtesy of singer OFEI. A departure from the Garage revival of previous track ‘Home’, this track has a more grandiose feel to it. Expect to hear more from much sought after singer OFEI, who also lays down the electric guitar sections here. His distinctive, raw voice defies categorisation.

DFA’s three track EP Bugged Out is due to be released on August 26.

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