I’ve always felt ‘Futile Devices‘ was one of Sufjan Steven’s most beautiful records, falling somewhere between the final flakes of winter and spring’s first rays. Full on emosh overload every time the first two bars of piano hit the back of the neck hairs and Steven’s woodland whisper creeps in.

Now, Michigan’s Shigeto is one of those producers that’s risen well out of the overflowing international beat scene, gaining respect as an electronic musician in all the right publications over the last year. His recent Aaliyah remix was superb at honing groove, but take a listen to his edit of the more dainty ‘Futile Devices’ – the harmony between sub bass expulsions escorted into upright bass, handled with the care such a delicate piece of audio needs. It’s more Sunday morn that Saturday night, but when the party’s over later and you’re at the bottom of the bottle, pop this one on.

Shigeto’s mini-LP Lineage is out now on Ghostly.

Electronic-rock outfit Aucan are currently on their Black Rainbow Tour, and have leaked a first look at their Black Rainbow Remixes album, slated for release in April. Until the release date they are showcasing one remix a week uploaded to YouTube for us impatient beat whores.

The first track to get the refix treatment is ‘Blurred’, reinterpreted by PinBoard favourite, Brooklyn based, Shigeto. It’s absolutely mesmerising. Dark, atmospheric and complimented by additional yet subtle bongos not present in the original which gives this a later night/early hours exploratory vibe and a bubbling riddim. Less driving bass than the previous outing ( which I think works a treat) and the tempo has been upped with Angela Kinczly’s vocals being chopped, screwed and distorted in classic fashion. Already looking forward to next weeks musical outing!

Coming out of the big smoke is Shades Of Grey signee Duct. ‘Pensive Stare’ is taken from the upcoming Circles EP dropping in March.  Jumpy time signatures accompanied by equally jumpy editing takes shape to create a nice 2-step bubbler with some intricate beat patterns thrown around to keep your motivated. Would have liked more of that bass that kicks in around the 2 minute mark though. Shot in NYC by Martyn Thomas, the piece is really well edited – I can’t get enough of those subway shots. Looks like 5Pointz in Long Island, how I miss that city!

Click Cover To Download

Amsterdam – A place I used to call home and a hot bed for great artists, especially the ever rising beat smiths. That is how I have come to think of the city these past few years. The latter is adhered to again, as the Producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist, Saux releases his second EP, Rear Window.

Using real instruments, old samples and an eclectic mix of contemporary music, Saux combines his beats, funk and electronica inspirations to produce some quality beatstrumentals. Acquiring the tenderness of soulstress Joya Mooi, who has also worked with the likes of PinBoard fam – Full Crate, truly brings out the best in Saux too. Mooi’s raspy voice skittling across the synth popping ‘Fractures’  is exemplary of the EP’s balance between song and instrumentals. Organic in sound, but definitely warm in listening.

Listen below and download up top.


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