Mar 2014 16


British producer Evian Christ has shared a stream of his latest EP ahead of its March 18 release on Tri-Angle. Featuring four new tracks, Joshua Leary’s mind still seems to be occupying the space it was in during his Yeezus experience. Truth is ‘I’m In It’ is child’s play compared to these grimacing rap beats. Built on industrial 808′s, icy snares and with enough aggro to warrant a few rounds on GTA – our guy is not fucking around.

Head over to his website for a full stream.

Mar 2014 16

LE1F’s success over the past year or so isn’t surprising to me, but the cultural significance of him performing on one of America’s biggest talk shows is actually a little mind blowing, considering. Despite large parts of the world or rather huge sections of America still harbouring bygone prejudices against the LGBT communities, artists like LE1F, Mykki Blanco and Frank Ocean et el continue to thrive. LE1F has continually proven his talent for fast-whipped, sharp-tongued rap and his performance last night on Letterman reinforced and certified those efforts.

Make sure you grab LE1F’s new Hey EP – out now on XL Records.

Mar 2014 16

I’ve been an Erykah Badu worshiper for far too long to know that you can’t rush Badoula Oblongata into making new music; but as we approach the fourth anniversary of her seminal New Amerykah Part Two (Return of the Ankh) LP - the thirst for new material is becoming real. Nevertheless we’ll continue to be patient and in the interim ‘receive life’ through last nights live performance of ‘The Healer’ which she performed during her set at The FADER Fort in her home state of Texas.

Goosebumps every time.

Mar 2014 15

Shlohmo & Jeremih are pretty smart dudes; this pairing they’ve devised is going to undoubtedly bring in some serious coin this summer and beyond. Just take a look at the two of them performing their latest joint ‘No More’ at The FADER Fort at SXSW presented by Converse. As one of my favoured electronic producers Shlohmo rarely puts a step wrong, and I have nothing but eternal respect for how Jeremih flipped the switch on his career since that debut single; although that said – his vocals during this performance weren’t the sharpest.

Mar 2014 14


However overlooked ‘Stranger in Moscow’ is amongst Michael Jackson’s iconic discography, it survives as one of his most haunting classics. Taken off Jackson’s double-disc HIStory album, the ballad has amassed a near cult-appreciation since its release in 1996; the portrait of loneliness MJ paints in that song (and its unforgettable video) is eerily tangible. His performance is flawless.

It feels befitting then that an emotive band like Tame Impala felt inspired enough by the song to cover in such a delicate and respectable way. Impala’s softly curated palate of padded drums, coiling synths and echo-soaked vocals gives an exciting new dimension to Michael’s near-mythic original. This is wonderful.

Mar 2014 14


London producer Cronos comes through with a simmering new remix of Donell Jones’ classic ‘U Know Whats Up’, re-imagined and retitled here as ‘U Know’. Cronos takes the original hit apart and applies a subtly constructed beat surrounded by ghostly vocal samples. This hits the sweet spot.

Mar 2014 13

As iconic albums goes, Grace Jones’ Nightclubbing sits among the greatest. From the iconic cover, to Grace’s unmistakable blend of reggae inspired disco – it is an album regarded as one of the best ever released (and personally sits among my most treasured albums). To mark its 20+ year legacy the album will be comprehensively remastered and repackaged to include hard-to-find alternative versions of some of Jones’ most iconic songs, plus two new tracks including ‘Me! I Disconnect From You’, a cover of Gary Numan’s 1979 cult-classic. Take a listen to the newly uncovered gem up top – its rather fabulous.

Mar 2014 13

Yo. Get ready for some nostalgic euphoria. Our girls Juce have released their debut music video via Noisey for their sassy single ‘Call You Out’. Jam packed in 90′s shenanigans and structured around “standard school-day issues”, the girls perform in a myriad of fabulously fierce outfits and set ups – including a nod to TLC’s ‘Creep’, silky pyjamas, dance routines and all.

Get it ladies.

Mar 2014 12


Devileyes is the new mixtape from London duo We Are Shining. The tape features 8 brand new song including ‘Devileye’, which we featured on 22Tracks, ‘Hey You!’ and ‘Wheel’ featuring Roses Gabor. Steeped in sound clash experimentalism, each song is a sprawling insight into the minds of both Acyde (yes sir!) and Morgan, known collectively as We Are Shining. Through an in-depth understanding of broken groove, kaleidoscopic beats and colourful textures – everything here sounds remarkably on-point.

Download Devileyes here.

Mar 2014 06

Remember when music videos were full of digital fantasies of the future with sci-fi TV screens and metallic blue/grey walls? And remember when folk used to sing from random, super-modern swanky hotels/apartments? This video kind of reminds me of that. Aside from the obvious – the fact that this tune is massive – the video works perfectly.

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