Jan 2014 28

It has become quite clear over the past few years that Wireless has become one of the hypest London festival of the calendar year.

This year they’ve done it again and secured headliners Kanye West, Drake, Bruno Mars, as well as Outkast and Pharrell. Not to mention countless other acts like Azealia Banks, A$AP Ferg and others who have yet to be announced. Oh yea, did we mention Salt N Pepa too? Yah.

And it was hard to imagine Wireless topping last year. Not only did they lock in headliners Justin Timberlake & Jay Z but they also put on one of the most progressive hip hop lineups I think we’ve ever seen in a mainstream UK festival. I mean – they had A Tribe Called Quest there!

This year they’ll help tick another life box with Outkast (!!). Although not billed as a headliner (however strange that may feel, it’s actually not that unusual when you think about it), Andre and Big Boi, as promised, will for the first time in over 10 years perform live.

Moreover this years show will not take place at the Olympic Village as it did last year, but instead will happen in North London’s Finsbury Park. And as a North Londoner, that’s pretty much the icing on the cake. Moreover, the festival will also be heading to Birmingham for the very first time.

For more information and for tickets head to wirelessfestival.co.uk. We’ll keep you updated on new announcements to come.