Jul 2013 02

‘Dance Apocalyptic’ is the second single lifted off Janelle Monae’s forthcoming sophomore album The Electric Lady, a video for which has just been released. Unfortunately the new visual does very little to persuade me of the songs merit, marking what may be the first real miss in Monae’s discography. The song (and video for that matter) lacks the originality and formidable soul that Janelle has injected into all her work up until now. For an artist renowned for pushing the limits of creativity, this feels far, far too safe; Makes sense then that this is the single chosen to accompany her upcoming CoverGirl endorsement (take that as you will).

The Electric Lady is due out September 10th.

  1. […] track-listing for the project. Continuing the futuristic aesthetic we saw on the visual for ‘Dance Apocalyptic‘, Monae is seen gazing into nothingness, looking pretty fabulous. The tracklisting is as […]