Mar 2013 20

5 years ago I don’t think anyone could have predicted so many electronic producers openly embracing an R&B crooner like Jeremih – exciting collaborations like this are a testament to how far it’s all come (specifically referring to R&B here). Just a few years ago R&B was generally considered a dirty word, untouchable by near enough everyone – even at times long-time fans; But having gone through a semi-URL-rebirth over the past few years it’s back on the tips of everyones tongue and in a good way. #Cyclelife.

Shlohmo mentioned in an interview we did with him in Seattle late last year that his favourite song of 2012 was Jeremih’s ‘F*ck U All the Time’ (which you’ll remember he remixed) and that he wanted to work with him properly in the studio – well here’s the fruits of that wish. ‘Bo Peep’ (Do U Right)’ was recorded as part of Yours Truly & Adidas’ ‘Songs from Scratch’ series, the drowsy slow jam sees Shlohmo delve deep into his multilayered influences (is that a ‘Tainted Love’ sample?) and has Jeremih singing a typically come-hither set of verses.

  1. Thatguy says:

    Where is the Tainted Love sample?

    Such an awesome song though.

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  3. […] announced a collaborative EP which is due out February 2014. The news follows their excellent track ‘Bo Peep (Do You Right)’ which was dropped via Yours Truly earlier this year. Watch the trailer for the new project. […]