Mar 2013 22

After a massively successful year in the UK and across Europe with her critically acclaimed debut album Devotion, Jessie Ware is now preparing it’s U.S release (April 16th). To launch the album stateside the LP will feature two additional bonus tracks – one is an upcoming remix of ‘Wildest Dreams’ featuring A$AP Rocky and the other is ‘Imagine It Was Us’ produced by frequent collaborator Julio Bashmore. By far the most uptempo record on the album ‘Imagine It Was Us’ is a fabulous disco number with an infectious bassline and seductive vocals from Miss Ware and plays as a great addition to an already excellent album.

  1. […] A$AP Rocky a couple weeks back, sadly we were sworn to secrecy. But  fear not because here it is, the second of two bonus tracks that will feature on the U.S release of Ware’s debut album Devotion. The […]

  2. […] think I could love Jessie Ware’s album any more than I already do but with the arrival of ‘Imagine It Was Us’, apparently I can. The Julio Bashmore produced up-tempo that will be featured on the U.S version […]