Mar 2013 25

At this stage it’s very clear James Blake is out to keep you guessing as to what his forthcoming Overgrown album will sound like in full. After the LP’s first single ‘Retrograde’ blew us away with it’s post-Dilla mindset, he dropped ‘Digital Lion’ and ‘Voyeur’ – all very contrasting songs that offer little insight into any one direction. But then that’s the beauty of what Blake does, he did it with ‘Limit To Your Love’ back in 2011- the first single off his self-titled debut album led many to believe his LP would offer one thing when in fact it offered something very different.

In anycase ‘Our Love Comes Back’ is a live-recorded track offered for free via Amazon – the soft, gospel-like ballad demonstrates a more familiar side of Blake’s artistry and will appear on the singer/producer’s new album due out April 8th.

DownloadJames Blake – Our Love Comes Back