Feb 2013 24

Rather unbelievably it’s already been two years since Ghostpoet released his Mercury nominated debut album Peanut Butter Blues and Melancholy Jam – very easily one of our favourite albums of that year. Since then Obaro has been quitely focused on his sophomore follow-up Some Say I So I Say Light – which is expected May 6th.

The LP’s first single ‘MSI MUSMID’ is a sprawling, disjointed journey into a dream he had about “dim-sum and noodles [being] life-long friends who kept squabbling all the time… I try in vain to make sense of it all”. What, you didn’t get that on first listen? C’mon. Regardless of where or how it came about, ‘MSI MUSMID’ is another lucid example of how diversely talented Obaro is when he creates; This multi-chaptered lead single is a true smorgasbord of influences that shouldn’t but somehow does make total sense.

The track will be available for free when it reaches 1,000 reposts on soundcloud – head over there and do your bit.

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