Jan 2013 10

Well, it’s not a new song featuring Jay-Z & Beyonce but it does confirm the beginning of #JT2013. Peep Justin’s teaser released just now on his official website, which sees the Grammy winner walking through a studio while narrating his struggle to return to recording. His website also features a 3-day countdown clock – that new single on Monday then?

Since the news broke that JT was releasing/announcing something earlier today reports have emerged that his new album is almost ready and that it’s been produced entirely by Timbaland. #sexwee.

Although we were all expecting a new song today, lets not let our own hype get in the way – the fact that Timberlake is returning to music (with Timbaland!) is good enough news. Last we heard (from his own camp) was that he had no plans to release an album at all.

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