Jan 2013 08

Iconic British artist David Bowie has surprised his legions of fans by releasing an unannounced new single and the promise of a new album. In celebration of his 66th birthday Bowie released ‘Where Are We Now?’ on his website to much fanfare – the song has literally lit up the blogophere, the broadsheets and mainstream news channels. The new single and forthcoming album The Next Day (due out in March) will end the 10 year gap since his last album Reality in 2003. Produced by frequent-collaborator Tony Visconti the album (as with the single) was written entirely by Bowie in New York and marks the Thin White Dukes’ 30th studio album.

‘Where Are We Now’ is a surprisingly retrospective song for an artist who rarely thinks in nostalgia – it focuses heavily on the fall of the Berlin Wall (a historic moment that for many is attributed in part to Bowie’s politically charged 1987 concert in the German capital) and his life during that period.

A statement from Bowie’s record label read: “Throwing shadows and avoiding the industry treadmill is very David Bowie despite his extraordinary track record that includes album sales in excess of 130m, not to mention his massive contributions in the area of art, fashion, style, sexual exploration, and social commentary.”