Jan 2013 09

Willow Smith takes a break from being a hair whipping tween-star and reemerges a tortured artisté… Apparently. You’re bound to make a statement (and a stir) when you’re the 12-year old progeny of Will Smith and decide to release a new single sampling… Radiohead no less. Kids today.

For what its worth ‘Sugar and Spice’ stands alone beautifully and lyrically speaking it appears to have Willow digging deep: “I sat in front of the TV screen / Sad he’s always screaming at me / they want to puncture me / and wonder why I bleed / Take a swing at me / I’ll fight till the death / My light is bright / I tried to be sugar and spice / But I’m melancholy and can’t do anything right / The monsters under my bed keep making noise at night / I just want silence”.

Given her age the fragility of her voice can be forgiven and to her credit she uses it to the best of its ability, delivering an almost Rihanna-esque performance (take that as you will). For the most part though this isn’t bad… A little far fetched perhaps, but definitely not bad.