Jan 2013 07

And on the 7th day… This happened.

Shy Girls is an emerging singer out of Portland who recently released ‘Under Attack’, a follow-up single to his 2011 debut release (and 2012 re-release) Sex in the City. Little is known of Dan Vidmar (the man behind the Shy Girls moniker) but what’s immediate is the earjaculation you’ll have when you hear this song.

If his debut EP was inspired by 90’s R&B/R&B boybands, then this graduates itself into ’80’s legends’ territory. Listen for Prince in the synths, Phil Collins’ in those drum breakdowns, mother’fu*king Kenny G in that sax solo and MJ in that guitar groove. Vidmar’s use of vocal reverb (with perhaps a respectable nod to How To Dress Well) and sustained chords gently brings everything into the present.

I’ll be needing more… #Reload543.

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