Dec 2012 14


Oh gosh. Stop everything. The deity has awoken. Burial returns.

As you would expect, the man responsible for pretty much 90% of what you hear from Electronic producers today delivers two devastatingly beautiful new songs – both 11-13 minute escapades into his iconic wet-pavement, harrowed mind-state. Both ‘Truant’ and ‘Rough Sleeper’ are multi-layered, multi-chaptered engagements, clothed in the cerebral power only Burial seems able to induce. The past year or so has seen Bevan experiment with slightly lighter, more tropical 4/4 sonics – but elements across both of these new songs sound a lot like his earlier work. Hello rainy Friday.

Purchase now via Hyperdub.

  1. […] As previously reported, London electronic producer Burial will release his new two-track single on December 17th via Hypedub. “Truant” b/w “Rough Sleeper” clock in at around 25 minutes and pick up where his brilliant Kindred EP left off earlier this year. Stream each of the sprawling adventures below in their entirety (via Pinboard). […]