Aug 2012 10

The air of online mystery, along with growing buzz seems to be building around newcomer Twigs. Little information’s been available on her, yet a couple low-key releases seem to have already ignited a minor compulsion for more in the blogosphere.

Like the 22 year old Londoner’s first single ‘Hide’ that knocked us back a bit last month, ‘Ache’ explores the wider perimeters of the advanced Pop we’ve seen recently in acts like AlunaGeorge, Py, Evy Jane, 14th, Delilah and even Jamie Woon and James Blake stretching back a couple years. Baring the fruits of music made by interbreeding ears, here Twigs pushes a soft fairytale coo over the downtempo drum verbs and harrowing chords of some hazed alt-R&B brigade hurtling towards a castle occupied by neo-psychadelic Bass-heads in the Norse mountains. Like the stark Grace Ladoja directed video featuring a one-grain-short-of-a-bath-salt protagonist sporting a cut up Jordan 5 mask, it reminds of a simplified 90s Trip-Hop accompaniment, from the fluroescent lamps right down to the feel of body-genre led physical incapacitation. There’s just a gut wrenching undercurrent of suspension and release, as the singer yoyo’s in limbo from an estranged lover’s call. Both song and visual teeter on the precipice of minimal maximal.

Whilst evoking that pythoness atmosphere, there’s something subversively British and yet borrowed about the instrumental, that again, cross-pollinates cutting edges from across the hemisphere past and present in the same way Trip-Hop as a concept seemed to in it’s hey day. Whereas as that adapted Hip-Hop, turntabilism and noir, this asserts R&B, digital plug-ins and phantasms. And so like the other above mentioned, advanced popsters who’ve been onto something, so too is this artiste.

Interestingly however, even after the unveling of her i-D Magazine cover, you might recall Twigs popping up in high-profile music videos as a successful dancer in the last couple of years; most noticeably featuring in Jessie J’s ‘Do It Like a Dude’ and ‘Price Tag’. Mystery solved? Sort of. Information on where these singles come from is still pending, but with such a sensational look, sound and aura surrounding this lady there could be a very interesting path ahead for her.

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