Aug 2012 21

A foolproof moniker – Purple Ferdinand is a 23 year old singer/songwriter that’s been capturing attention across our live circuit in the last few months. Set to perform at New York’s Afro-Punk festival this week (crazy line-up), on sight she intrigues: body-modified, beanied and blue ukele’d up. Yet in terms of musical tradition, the East Londoner is less coffee-shop Corinne Bailey Ray and more Folk-Soul for the ‘Cloud’ gen.

Her tone, is wrapped in a sort of velvety, cool, coarseness, and the above acoustic version of ‘Beautiful Anomaly’ feels like a poem pulled out of some naive diary exhumed from youth. It’s gentle, lullaby-like, and quite touching. Whilst expected to experiment with her sound in near future, you can also watch random videos of the artist tattooing herself to Lonyo on YouTube. How very ladylike.