Aug 2012 14

After a string of inspired singles and an enticing album teaser, R&B revivalist Rochelle Jordan officially drops her debut album Pressure. Produced entirely by long-time collaborator KLSH, Pressure is a collection of well focused, tightly formed, progressive songs that not only channel Jordan’s healthy obsession with 90’s golden-era R&B, but also administer the atmosphere this new era has ushered in. KLSH’s productions have truly flourished over the past year – these beats are complex, airy and fractured in all the right places… but the key objective never forgotten: it bumps.

Fans of Nicole Wray’s Make It Hot Aaliyah’s One in A Million or SWV’s Release Some Tension should be particularly excited by this. Melodically speaking, in terms of accuracy, Rochelle Jordan (who wrote every song) is destroying everyone right now. Quote me. But it is ultimately the chemistry between Jordan and KLSH that makes all of this so completely arresting. These two are miles ahead of their competition; Pressure may well be one of the strongest R&B releases of the year.

Listen & download for free below.

Download: Rochelle Jordan – Pressure (LP)

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