Jul 2012 24

The PinBoard team were given a little preview of this last week and it was followed by mass face-scrunching. Aluna Francis‘ deceptively simple cooing over Rustie‘s bonkers redux of ‘After Light’ from last year’s digital molly trip Glass Swords?! Huge.

With everything across the bedroom-maximal frontier beefed up, it still allows Aluna to breathe her girl-next-door R&B harmonies over the studio widescreened explosions and Balearic Trappiness. Her Brit-Yank fusing tone and rose-coloured terms never feeling off-base, or heaven forbid, off-bass.

Considering the recent success of TNGHT (and Rustie’s long affiliation with Hud-Mo) and even George Reid‘s coming-of-age, it seems like the ripe time for this brilliant sect of laptop-psyche artists we’ve seen develop since the mid-00s, to blur the lines between what is commercial and what is underground.

The Warp released single is available to buy via Bleep. Big speakers please.

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