Jul 2012 18

Very few artists display the perfect storm of creativity as acutely as Marques Toliver. His compositions are as rich in texture as they are perfumed in emotion and it seems his brilliance lies in his ability to fuze the many facets of his personality into beautifully formed songs. ‘Magic Look’ is the theatrical new single taken off Toliver’s forthcoming debut album; It’s a forgoing piece driven by a passionate drum beat and a dramatic string section but also certifies him as a masterful songwriter, vocalist and violinist. This young man is special.

  1. […] the reveal of his wonderful new single ‘Magic Look’, singer, songwriter & string master Marques Toliver demonstrates the true depth of his talents […]

  2. […] violinist and singer/songwriter Marques Toliver, reveals his powerful new video for ‘Magic Look’; The first single taken off his upcoming debut album. Marking his music video debut Toliver exposes […]