Jul 2012 13

A few months ago we popped up a striking record by this up and coming LA songtress, titled ‘Dr. Lock‘. It recalled the vintage zest of Neo-Soul we’d loved and experienced too long ago. That is, right before ‘neo’ sadly turned into tired BBQ music with poor engineering, bland imagery, minimal progression and fell victim to it’s dull caricatures (exceptions being Erykah, Bilal and forthcoming D’Angelo all of whom manage to experiment with relevance). But that’s besides the point. Bago is moving on – here to excite in a realm beyond any 10-year-cycle retro labelling and yank Soul into the present.

‘Remember’, like ‘Dr. Lock’, is again produced by fellow Westcoaster Alexander Spit who himself hints at being a flexible force. In a turn for the neoteric mindset meeting time-honoured grit, the two have managed to take the Shangri-La’s 1964 classic ‘Remember (Walking In The Sand)‘ and turn it into a maybach banger with fat lows, belligerent drums and Bago’s powerful resound echoing like some femme fatale right before she empties the clip. And just when contemporary soul was in need of a trill’er makeover…

Sunday Best, Bago’s produced entirely by Spit, is coming soon.

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