Jun 2012 20

Tender. Rich. Possessor of such vulnerablity, pain and hurt. Just some of the things that come to mind when I first pressed play on this cover.

Kwabs – a Londoner by birth, a Ghanaian through parentage holds one of the deepest soul voices I’ve heard in a while. He takes on one of James Blake’s most introverted songs, ‘The Wihelm Scream’. Taking the spacious spectral, electronic track, Kwabs opts for a  more melodically focused version – catering to his baritone vocal. Controlling each heartfelt lyric he earnestly succeeds in creating an honest interpretation that provokes just as much emotion as Blake’s original.

Just off the back of supporting Plan B, I will hold off obvious comparisons to singers like Donny Hathaway or even the recent soulful sensation Michael Kiwanuka until there is a wider body of work. Until then, this is on repeat.

[via @ChantelleNandi]

  1. Hadi Mukhtar says:

    This guy was on a show on the bbc called ‘Goldie’s Band’ a while back with a whole host of other young talent! You guys should check it out. Blinding cover!

  2. Toasty says:

    Yeah I remember him on that too. Thanks!

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