Mar 2012 23

As one of the biggest and most sought after artists around at the moment (a strange statement for someone who is yet to release a debut album), it’s surprising how little is known about Odd Future’s Frank Ocean. Not one for interviews, he’s consciously refrained from the media.

However while over in London, Ocean sat down with i-D Magazine for an exclusive, in-depth interview in which he discusses why he’s chosen to be so “reclusive”, saying he finds it “healthier” to be that way – and that it allows his “music to speak for itself” – emphasising that is has nothing to do with him being shy – which he insists he isn’t.

When asked about his creative process, he explains “I feel a higher level of consciousness when I’m creating… It comes from a pure place”. He also expresses his desire to sing a Dianne Warren ballad and his love for Celine Dion (whom he wants to write a song for).

Ocean also discusses the period between him leaving college and getting signed saying: “I worked my ass of doing 13 jobs… I had so many jobs because I was always getting fired for being late. I used to be in the studio til’ 5 in morning and then have to get up and go to work”. It was during this period that he sold his first song (aged 19) to Noel Gourdin – who at the time was signed to Epic Records.

You can listen to the full interview below – it was recorded while on a carousel – thus audio quality isn’t the greatest.