Feb 2012 17

According to Miss Info, Rihanna’s new single ‘Birthday Cake’ will feature a guest appearance from none other than her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. As you’ll remember Brown was convicted of assaulting the ‘We Found Love’ star back in 2009, after an violent incident on Grammy night. This year marked Chris’ return / reacceptance to the industries biggest night where he performed twice and walked away with the “Best R&B Album” award (an irony unto itself).

Speaking of it’s remix producers Da Internz told MTV that “the feature [on the remix] is gonna shock the world” – I must say I’m less shocked than I am disappointed. It takes a lot to genuinely shock people in 2012, in fact, I reckon most people saw this coming (eventually) – however, that doesn’t take away from the point that maybe it shouldn’t happen. Relationships like most aspects of ones personal life can be complicated and in many cases not understandable to outsiders. And while it’s not right to judge, it’s near impossible to not criticize this reunion.

If true, not only is this sending an utterly deplorable message to young men and women, but it’s also a slap in the face to all those who have encouraged and supported Rihanna through it all, while many were seemingly (and stupidly) blaming her for what happened. During Brown’s Grammy appearance hundreds of young girls from around the world took to twitter to proclaim nonsensical statements like “I’d let Chris Brown beat me any day” and “Chris can beat me, call me boo” (read this for more shocking absurdities) – what a way to reinforce a message.

I don’t often entertain the idea of artists being ‘role models’ and in actual fact it’s Rihanna’s ‘don’t give a f*ck’ attitude that is most appealing to me (very few artists in Pop have been afforded the freedom she plays with) but at the same time – she should feel some sense of responsibility here. If not to her fans, than at least to herself.

Controversy and gimmicks sells. Rihanna’s built a career on it. And while I hope morality wins here, I can already see this going down a storm. We’ll see how it plays out. All I do know is though, I never saw Ike remixing a Tina Turner song.

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