Feb 2012 04

Just when assuming your fanatical Dilla discography’s complete as if the Yancey vault isn’t endless, PinBoard aims to set shit the f*** off for Feburary a.k.a. Dilla month in London…

Ray J (Brandy’s brother, Kim Kardashian’s videographer, Burial’s incidental ‘One Wish’ milestoner, vocal sampled guy from ‘Archangel‘, etc.) pops up again in the oddest of musical places: on a stashed and forgotten pair of dusty remixes off a cassette from 1996. Wonderous Version 1 is above, but also check out Version 2 that hints at late Detroit producer J-Dilla’s transitional phase between mid-90s boom bap to a more evolved astral soul-hop sound as developed on Fantastic Vol. 1 & 2. Read the rest of the story over at Bling47. Recording quality is low, so crank it and maybe fiddle with the EQ a bit if you think you’re bad-arse.

For the life of me, there’s very little on Earth that thumps and snaps like a Jay Dee drum, and jizzes all over the track like a Jay Dee b-line.

There are ‘vibes’. But then in Dilla’s legacy, there exists only ‘BEYOND vibes’. Enjoy this.

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