Feb 2012 11

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Demonic Florida rapper, producer and Raider Klan member SpaceGhostPurrp has spent the last couple months spookin’ hard – his name scattered across blogs with a steady tirade of disquieting releases. Not surprising he recently came to wider attention after producing two A$AP stand-outs ‘Keep It G‘ and ‘Pretty Flacko‘, when he’s fluently connecting the dots between five borough bleakness and Bay Area/Dirty South leaned backs. Whilst on some mystical gangsta shit, Purrp (much like his pal Rocky) proves himself a clever curator of aesthetic. God of Black Vol. 1 punches above the belt of current trends, taking 90s southern underground Rap hair relaxer and dousing it in Horrorcore hair-raiser.

The lo-fi, cavernous sound can grip on the same wavelength as last year’s Shabazz Palace‘s, but it’s Robitussin roots certifiably trace back to Three 6 Mafia’s early work, and at times creep into grim Gravediggaz territory. With spaced out hood dweller rhymes stretched across tracks like some jet black glue and stand-out cuts like ‘Suck A Dick 2012’, there’s little mercy in this character’s world.

Fill your codeine cup and bring on the next volume.

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