Jan 2012 22

“I’ma read that b*tch, I’ma school that b*tch, I’ma take that b*tch to college, I’ma give that some b*tch some knowledge…” starts this witty vogue’ing tribute by Brooklyn electro artist Zebra Katz and lady rapper Njena Red Foxxx.

It’s so-minimal-it-could-almost-be-too-minimal, blipster thug business to get your moombah-krump on, certified by some nice, low budget visuals rocking a fine shlock horror colour grade, directed by Ruben Sznajderman.

Out now on Jefferees via Mad Decent. Free download along with remixes here.

  1. musicfan says:

    I think I need to bathe in holy water after that… strangely hypnotising though. Njena Red Foxxx's tone is so smooth.

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