Jan 2012 30

PinBoard is in (snowy) Amsterdam right now for reasons of sheer musical pilgrimage, and a couple hours ago the dreadful news that D’Angelo had cancelled the fourth sold out night of his comeback as hopeful fans queued caused impending uproar, but worse – broken hearts.

At present it’s speculated tonight’s cancellation is due to the artist sustaining a leg injury during his Paris show last night. Tomorrow’s gig at Paradiso is currently said to go on as planned. Fingers crossed the idol returns to shape and we all manage to get to the holy grail. Otherwise… inexplicably pissed.

For all our Dutchies and other international wayfarers in the city here tonight aswell as the UK fams back home, throw up one mo’ gin thanks to OkayPlayer who’ve just dropped this ‘fantasy concert’ tape of high quality live D’Angelo recordings compiled by expert NY producer/connoisseur Sam Champ. You need this tonight.

Hang tight, we’ll keep you posted via our twitter.

1. Fantastic Intro
2. Brown Sugar
3. Devil’s Pie
4. Crisco
5. Left & Right
6. Chicken Grease
7. Lady
8. Left & Right (Reprise)
9. Feel Like Making Love
10. Can’t Hide Love
11. Things You Do (Fall in Love)
12. One Mo’ Gin
13. Me and Those Dreaming Eyes of Mine
14. S.D.M.
15. Untitled (How Does It Feel)