Jan 2012 17

Sonnymoon were on a vibe way back in 2009 when they released their Golden Age debut and who could forget their sublime cover of ‘HOUSTATLANTAVEGAS’ or their estranged single ‘Gills or Wings’? They were on alien-hybrid R&B before many of the current purveyors, connecting the dots between Indie, Electronic, Rhythm & Blues and more (full Bashment flex on ‘Gills or Wings’ btw). Oh, and lets not ignore their most recent experiment.

Now returned, they unleash a brand new EP entitled simply – 2012. A 5-track listen, released via Plug Research, which starts sensationally with the Aaliyah-circa-2012 inspired – ‘Near Me’. Those super-clean, super-cool vocals that Anna Wise delivers (with those Tweet reminiscent harmonies towards the end?!), over Dane Orr’s cold-as-f*ck production makes quite the first impression.

‘Goddess’ continues in the right direction, a building number which features a more operatic and emotional performance. While the remaining three songs ‘Morning Person’, ‘Machinery’, & ‘Magician’ attach a more Electronic heavy influence.

2012 is available to buy on iTunes now. Listen in full below.

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