Dec 2011 05

For Completion of Proof, the Curtis Brothers have enlisted a powerhouse crew of musicians including drummer Ralph Peterson, Jr., Brian Lynch on trumpet, and their Artist Collective mentor, Jimmy Greene on saxophones.

The group also includes alto saxophonist, “Big Chief” Donald Harrison. Percussionists Rogerio Boccato, Pedro Martinez, and Reinaldo De Jesus help bring further folkloric Pan African flavor to the date. Throughout this recording there is a strong drum feel, which is echoed in Russ Musto’s authoritative liner notes suggesting an Art Blakey Jazz Messengers atmosphere. The original music of Completion of Proof speaks in clear, unified tones; each track is carefully plotted out thematically, and delivered with the kind of high artistry one would expect from this impressive cast of musicians. A brave man who literally took on the Chinese army alone inspired the brisk opener ‘Protestor’. The clarion call urgency of the horn-rich theme statement is bold and declarative. They follow that with a song for their niece ‘Madison’. ‘The Wrath’, ‘Mass Manipulatio’, and ‘Manifest Destiny’ comprise a Manifest Destiny suite. These are carefully programmed and plotted selections that continue to bear fruit and further reveal themselves with each listen. Shouts to Elements Of Jazz.