Dec 2011 13

A radio rip of ‘To Me’ was upped a few days ago here and now a fully mastered version of that B-Side along with it’s A-Side are doing the rounds for your listening ecstasy below.

‘Treehouse’ has floated around for the best part of a year, it’s another magnificently schizo Soul record that takes us to digital church in a ‘Post’ philandering world and soaks you in something warm. Call it an advanced CMYK-style sound (for debates sake). This, from the burgeoning, prodigal Welsh producer, around whom enlarging buzz guarantees you’ll be getting even better acquainted with in 2012.

Also word on the grapevine is there may be a possible video to accompany one or the other track in coming weeks… We’ll keep you posted.

This 12 inch of Treehouse is out in Jan via label Push & Run.

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  2. […] up with two original songs entitled ‘To Me’ and this, his first official single – ‘Treehouse’. An expansive production, riddled with intricate glitches, soothing chords and thundering basslines […]