Dec 2011 07

What Ifan is doing right now is coming into such a realm of it’s own, that also by now you should’ve dismissed any Blake-based scuttlebutt. How the young producer glides across the Post-apartheid-rhythm-lines over the course of these five & a half minutes makes for a demanding listen. Slices of synthetic organ and corporeal symphony drifting over Off-Step, as strings vertigo with silky ricochets of siren-voice turning the ground to an orchestral Winter wonderland disco with a subby little soul. It’s sweeping, intricate and lush as f**k – transports ’40s romance to a dim bedroom dancefloor.

Forthcoming on Treehouse out in Jan via label Push & Run. Oh & shouts to the YouTube DJs by the way, holding down the planets by uploading radio rips like the one above. You man – life-savers.

  1. […] radio rip of ‘To Me’ was upped a few days ago here and now a fully mastered version of that B-Side along with it’s A-Side are doing the rounds […]

  2. richie says:

    just love finding new talents.. music will always grow,