Dec 2011 29

Label Push & Run are going to be signing some fertile acts over the next few years, you can sense it. Ifan Dafydd’s poised to rise from the ranks of bedroom-studio geniuses with his upcoming ‘Treehouse’ release, as is another wiz in their wings, Pedestrian. He too, has been creating the kind of ambrosial Electronic stuff that transports you back to the safety of your childhood pram; all curious and riddled with delight at the sounds flying around in the world’s air above your supple scalp. His use of field recordings is tight.

Pedestrian’s EP Hei Poa is out now. And if all that ain’t enough, peep also labelmate Dafydd’s lush ‘Daddy’ remix from October here. Keep sh*t rollin’!

In other news, shouts to the Ms. Sandé by the way, who was recently voted the Brit’s Critics Choice Award for 2012. Her performance on the PinBoard x Red Bull Rehearsal Rooms episode was really nicely received by audiences this year. Charting number, ‘Daddy’, is a deft piece of songwriting. Hear it taken on a trip to faraway tropics with an underground hope at the wheel below.

(via YSK)