Dec 2011 16

Hands up who fondly remembers the tiny impact Blue & Exile’s Below The Heavens made in the worldwide underground hip-hop community circa ’07? That was a good year for turning points in music and rising new scenes – particularly the experimental nu-Leftcoast in LA.

Well, the good times return for all you starved of Blu spitting over hyper-Soulful Exile beats. After an interesting 2011 for the gifted emcee who dropped his brave debut NoYork to mixed-response (uber-critics loved it, ultra-purists were confused) and a quiet season for the producer, they’ve just decided to be cheeky and unleash this unfinished follow-up out of the blu(e) for legions of sentimental fans.

Recorded in 2009 – the same period they were leaking gorgeous cuts like ‘Love Line(s),Dedicated To Last Fe’vrier’ which despite not being on here, ensures it’s coming from a good place.

(via OkayPlayer)