Nov 2011 23

The PMR Records camp are really showing their teeth this year. With a gleaming, sturdy roster like Julio Bashmore, L-Vis 1990, long-supported PinBoard fave Jesse Ware and futuristic 2-Stepper Two Inch Punch accelerating fast in the bloggosphere, it’s hardly surprising.

We previously featured the producer’s Luv Luv 12 inch, and now with each release there’s discernible progression in signature sound. This latest track combines a multitude of Dubstep splinters: taking popular R&B ghost-vox, running it through the Wonky grinder, dash of Purple-style vintage synths, sprinkles of click-clack percussion that’s become a staple of the ‘Post’ sound and voilĂ , nuffin’ long mate. Whilst not as groove-rich as his other material, it’s as much an intriguing listen.

Oh and animated video by Evan Boehm is a bit Gangbangstep still.

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