Sep 2011 26

My homegirl sent me this track this morning, she was divided about how she felt about it – she kind of loved it, but didn’t know why. And I have to say after listening to (and watching) it about 20 times – I too have found myself at the same conundrum.

Hailing from Harlem (NYC), 19 year old Azealia Banks has just released a new single called ‘212’ – the track features a helplessly infectious club beat (a sample from Lazy Jay’s ‘Float My Boat’) and some entirely different type of lyrics; And for some reason (be it to do with the song itself or her as a character) it actually works. But ‘works’ in a “I-really-thought-I’d-hate-this” type of way. The video is simple and fun and I guess the same can be said about the song itself.

Trawling through her archives on YouTube it became quite clear that Banks definitely has something – take her song ‘L8R’ for instance (that beat is smash).  I guess, at the very least, I consider Banks an ‘interesting’ new female emcee – something you don’t see/hear everyday. Plus, I hear a little Queen B influence up in there – never a bad thing. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this one.

Would love to hear your thoughts…

Update: YouTube have taken the video down as a result of a copywrite claim. So, I’ve added a stream/download link to the song below…

  1. @tarajane181 says:

    I went through exactly the same motions. I've been a fan of Azealia's since I heard her 'L8R' track on a mixtape. But with this track…at first I frowned "arghhh this beat"…it was then a fluctuation between love & hate throughout. But by the end I loved it…she's raw, talented and clearly not afraid. And…she's not a fucking Barbie!! Rejoice.

  2. Anon says:

    its catchy but Azealia Banks & Lunice – Runnin' is a much better example of what Ms Banks has to bring…

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  4. IBCT says:

    Loving it in London! Not sure it will fly on Radio 1, but this is one of the best tracks of 2011 imo…

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