Aug 2011 01

Many of our favourite artists have graced our ‘Rehearsal Room’ over the past 6 months, musicians we both admire and respect. As our exclusive show, produced in association with Red Bull Studios London, continues to grow we decided to create a mini-series within it designed solely to put focus on new talent emerging.

Our ethos has always been to concentrate on good music and an important undercurrent of that is discovering and exposing a new generation of music makers. Thus we have filmed a number of new episodes featuring fresh-faced musicians who you may or may not have heard of previously. They were selected for one reason and that reason is that we feel they are among some of tomorrow’s most promising acts.

Our second ‘introduces’ episode features Jono McCleery – a London based singer/songwriter recently signed to the infamous Ninja Tune label. Possessing a voice which demands recollections of such greats like Bill Withers – it is difficult to fathom his young age.

His debut single ‘Tomorrow’ which he performs with his band exclusively for us sounds like a newly unearthed Soul/Folk ode from the 1970’s – but with an ingenious broken beat keeping time it’s vintage feel is instantly updated.

Jono’s new album There Is is filled with wondrous Soul, Folk & Jazz influences – songs which combine the inflictions of yesteryear with the forward thinking of an innovative contemporary artist. Upon first hearing McCleery’s voice we instantly recognised a truly unique musician creating breathtakingly beautiful music – it’s a pleasure for us to introduce him to you.

‘Tomorrow’ is out now. The new album There Is is due out September 5th.

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  2. […] Massive massive shout to PinBoard friend Jono McCleery for selling out his album launch a month in advance. Just so those of you who slept on buying tickets the first time get to see Jono perform in London before galavanting around the globe, he has added another date to be played at the 100 Club on 30th November (You can get early bird tickets HERE) . He has been for me the most excited artist to make his stamp on 2011 thus far and we are really happy to see it all progressing so well. Make sure you pick up a copy of his amazing Ninja Tune debut ‘There is’ and check out what happened when we got Jono into our ‘Rehearsal Rooms’ here. […]

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