Jun 2011 14

Hadn’t heard of Beaumont before today and after a little internetting I still know very little about him (except that he’s from Glasgow and his name is Michael). These 21st century producers and their illusive nature, I blame Burial.

Anyways – a homie sent me this song called ‘Midnight’ and I’ve been listening to it periodically throughout the day – I’m sure the endless blue skies outside my window have helped flare my addiction – this is pure summer vibes.

The song combines a variety of mixed genre sounds, which I’m sure we could dissect for days – but in the crudest sense I guess we’d call this an (modern, electronic, but ironically kinda retro) R&B track. The cool/relaxed vocals, the snares, the toy-ish keyboard all make ‘Midnight’ really quite sexy┬á – 80′s influences and all. Phil Collin’s is a badman, never forget that. Ask Drake!

The track comes of Beaumont’s soon to be released extended player The Blush Response which is available to pre-order via iTunes now.

Download: Beaumont – ‘Midnight’